What does the Dallas County Sheriff do?

Sheriff’s Office Mission Statement As the enforcement arm of county government, the Dallas County Sheriff’s Office serves the people of Dallas County by maintaining law and order, preserving the peace, and interceding to bring law-breakers to justice.

How do you get someone out of Dallas County Jail?

The quickest way to get somebody out of jail is to post cash bonds directly with the jail. The Dallas County Jail is located at 111 W. Commerce Street, Dallas, Texas. Cash bonds may be paid in full at the bond desk at Lew Sterrett to secure Dallas County Bail Bonds.

Do I have a warrant in Dallas?

Calling the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department Contact the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department using its general information warrant line at 214-761-9026 or its warrant department line at 214-653-2700 for more information. You can ask a family member or friend to call on your behalf if you would like.

How much does a sheriff deputy Make in Texas?

How much does a Sheriff Deputy make in Texas? While ZipRecruiter is seeing salaries as high as $99,238 and as low as $21,265, the majority of Sheriff Deputy salaries currently range between $31,011 (25th percentile) to $59,364 (75th percentile) with top earners (90th percentile) making $77,971 annually in Texas.

How do you get someone out of jail in Texas?

How do I get a bail bond?

  1. You can contact a bail bondsman.
  2. You can post the full bail amount in cash with the court or jail.
  3. You can use property you own as collateral with the court in place of money.
  4. The judge can release you on your own recognizance, providing you are trustworthy.

What is the Dallas Police Department phone number?

Contact Number of Dallas Police Department. The contact number of Dallas Police Department is (214) 670-8346.

What is the address for Dallas County Jail?

The address of Dallas County Jail is 111 W Commerce Street, Dallas, Texas, United States.

What is the address of the Dallas Police Department?

To know the address location of Dallas Police Department it is also presented here 725 N Jim Miller Rd, Dallas, Texas, United States.

What is the phone number for Dallas?

Phone Number of City Of Dallas is (214) 670-3111 . City Of Dallas is one of the popular cities in Taxas, United States of America and is ranked at the number fourth position as far as the population of the city is concerned in the United States.