What does Squarepoint do?

Squarepoint Capital is a leading global investment management firm that develops quantitative investment strategies to achieve high quality returns for our clients. We are a data and technology driven firm who specialize in developing automated trading systems that execute across global financial markets.

Is Squarepoint a hedge fund?

Squarepoint is a New York-based hedge fund manager founded in December 2014 as a spin-out of the nQuants systematic trading unit at Barclays. Aside from its office in New York, SquarePoint also has offices in London, Singapore, Paris, Geneva, Zug, Montreal, and Hong Kong.

Who owns Squarepoint capital?

It was founded in 2000 by Olivier Durantel and Gregoire Schneider, who remain in senior roles at Squarepoint. The firm has offices in London, Singapore, New York, Geneva, Zug, Paris and Montreal.

When was Squarepoint founded?

As banks de-risked under increased regulatory pressure, Schneider and Durantel departed, leading a group of their colleagues in founding Squarepoint, which started trading in 2015.

How many employees does Squarepoint have?

Employee Data Squarepoint Capital has 595 Employees.

What does G research do?

G-Research is Europe’s leading quantitative finance research firm. We hire the brightest minds in the world to tackle some of the biggest questions in finance. We pair this expertise with machine learning, big data, and some of the most advanced technology available to predict movements in financial markets.

Is G-research a good company?

Great work-life balance, super interesting work, fun colleagues. Working at G-Research is a breath of fresh air. Unlike many other tech firms with a finance focus, they promote a very healthy work-life balance, with a fun but focused office culture.

How many employees does G-research have?

Employee Data G-Research has 685 Employees.

Is G-Research a hedge fund?

G-Research isn’t a hedge fund. According to a Bloomberg article from two years ago, its London quants create algorithmic trading software that’s deployed from an office in Guernsey.

How many employees does G-Research have?

Is G-Research a good company?

What happened to Ke Xu?

Back in London, Xu was denied bail. He remained in custody until the following June, when he pleaded guilty to fraud. In his written statement, he admitted to reverse-engineering 55 G-Research trading strategies for personal gain. On July 3 he was sentenced to four years in prison.

Who is squarepoint capital?

Squarepoint Capital is a leading global investment management firm that develops quantitative investment strategies to achieve high quality returns for our clients.

What questions did they ask during your interview at squarepoint capital?

General questions about your background in trading, nothing complicated but checking if you know what you’re talking about. Mostly fishing for trade details and strategies, no technical info. All answers shown come directly from Squarepoint Capital Reviews and are not edited or altered. What are perks and other benefits like at Squarepoint Capital?

What does education mean to squarepoint capital?

Education is a priority for us and we infuse learning in all components of our business. From internships to mentoring, we construct our teams to succeed without borders, so that sharing and improving is constant. At Squarepoint Capital, we value focus and hard work. We invest in people who are driven to achieve.

How do veterans of the quant space know squarepoint capital?

Veterans of the quant investing space know Squarepoint Capital by our heritage and reputation. They recognize the firm’s established platform and the competency of our businesses. They recognize the value of the longevity of the management team.