What does Mario say at the end of Super Mario 64?

As reported by Kotaku, Mario doesn’t say “gay Bowser” or anything of the sort in the Mario 64 that’s in Super Mario 3D All-Stars on Nintendo Switch. Instead, Mario says “buh-bye!” as he throws Bowser.

What happens when you get 150 stars in Super Mario 64 DS?

The reward for collecting all 150 stars in Super Mario 64 DS. This, along with beating the final boss unlocks the cannon to the top of the castle. There you’ll be able to find the last green rabbit as Luigi, instead of Yoshi in the original game.

Did they find Luigi in Super Mario 64?

Well, it’s been 25 years, but Luigi has finally been found. Not within the inner workings of any Mario 64 copy you might own, mind, but in the source code of the game uncovered as part of this weekend’s so-called “gigaleak” of secret Nintendo development information.

What happens when you 100% Super Mario?

By obtaining a perfect 100 score for every stage in a world, the player unlocks a more difficult Extra level, and by completing that stage with a perfect score a star is added to the title screen.

Does Mario 64 save at the end?

Sorry, you cannot save the game when the credits end. You basically get to replay the game as it is. On the plus side, if you get all 120 stars and then defeat Bowser once again, you get an alternate message from him. Other goodies appear in the game as well with 120 star completion.

Can you get 121 stars Mario 64?

The 121st star is a common rumor in Super Mario 64. There are 120 total stars to collect in the game, though some rumors state there is a hidden star.

What happens when you save Toad in Super Mario Bros?

In New SMB Wii, you can make a bonus Mushroom house appear on the map by saving Toad when he appears in a level. Block he’s trapped in — near the beginning of a level, listen for the cries — and run him all the way to the end of the level to make a Mushroom House spawn. …