What does jib mean in slang?

Jib is also a verb, meaning “move to the opposite side of the ship” or “refuse to follow instructions.” The old-fashioned compliment “I like the cut of your jib,” or “I like the way you look,” comes from nautical slang, in which jib meant “face.” Definitions of jib.

Where did the name jib come from?

Etymology 2 Attested since the 1680s (also spelled jibe and gybe), perhaps from Dutch gijben (a variant of gijpen (“to turn sails suddenly”), whence certainly the form jibe) or else from Danish gibbe (“jib, jibe”), related to Swedish gippa (“jib, jibe, jerk, make jump”).

What is a jib man?

Definition of jib guy : one of two or more lateral stays running to the head of the jibboom.

How much is a jib in slang?

guinea = guinea is not a slang term, it’s a proper and historical word for an amount of money equating to twenty-one shillings, or in modern sterling one pound five pence.

What does cut of her jib mean?

One’s general appearance or personality, as in I don’t like the cut of Ben’s jib. In the 17th century the shape of the jib sail often identified a vessel’s nationality, and hence whether it was hostile or friendly. The term was being used figuratively by the early 1800s, often to express like or dislike for someone.

Where does cut of your jib come from?

From maritime traditions, alluding to the identification of far-off ships by the shape of their sails, as in the Naval Chronicles (1805) “From the cut of her sails an enemy.” Used idiomatically of a person from early 19th century, attested 1824, possibly influenced by similarity of triangular jib sails to a person’s …

What does liking the cut of your jib mean?

Instead, “I like the cut of your jib” just means they like some aspect of what you are doing. The jib sail is a type of metaphor here, being used to talk about the appearance of something else: you. In short, “I like the cut of your jib” is a compliment that means something similar to “I like how you handle yourself.”

What is a strong jib?

Filters. (nautical) A small jib, used in a storm to reduce the sail area to the minimum required for maintaining manoeuvrability of the vessel.

What does 3 sheets in the wind mean?

To be “three sheets to the wind” is to be drunk. The sheet is the line that controls the sails on a ship. If the line is not secured, the sail flops in the wind, and the ship loses headway and control. If all three sails are loose, the ship is out of control.

What does cut G mean?

Its basically telling someone you like their new haircut and then you just slap them in the head because its supposed to burn since its a fresh cut.

What is the etymology of the word jib?

Etymology: Cf. From Danish gibbe (“jib, jibe”), related to Swedish gippa (“jib, jibe, jerk, make jump”), Dutch gijpen (“to turn sails suddenly”; > English jibe). Compare also Middle High German gempeln (“to spring”), Swedish guppa (“to move up and down”), Swedish gumpa (“to jump, spring”).

What does jib mean on a sail?

1. to shift from one side to the other when running before the wind, as a fore-and-aft sail or its boom. 2. to alter course so that a fore-and-aft sail shifts in this manner. 3. to cause to jibe. n.

What does jibe mean in slang?

The definition of jibe is slang for being in agreement. An example of jibe is when your opinion is in agreement with someone else’s opinion. YourDictionary definition and usage example. Copyright © 2018 by LoveToKnow Corp

What does it mean to jib a horse?

jib (third-person singular simple present jibs, present participle jibbing, simple past and past participle jibbed) To stop and refuse to go forward (usually of a horse). (figuratively) To stop doing something, to become reluctant to proceed with an activity.