What does Jagiya and Yeobo mean?

The main difference between Jagiya and Yeobo is that while Jagiya can be used by both married and unmarried couples, only married couples call each other Yeobo. Both Jagiya and Yeobo are affectionate ways to call your partner.

What JAGI means?

Jagi (자기, 自己) is an interesting word in Korean, it means ‘myself’, ‘himself’ or ‘herself’ it depends on the subject. But it’s also used for someone very close to you, like ‘darling’ or ‘honey’ usually between in lovers.

What Yobo means in Korean?

Alternate Uses of ‘Honey’ in Korean While the word 여보 (yeobo) only means ‘honey’, the word 자기 (jagi) can mean ‘honey’, but it can also mean ‘self’, ‘myself’, or ‘oneself’. For example, you might hear the phrase 자기 소개 (jagi sogae). This phrase means ‘self-introduction’, not ‘introduce your honey’.

What is the meaning of Yeoja Chingu?

여자친구 (yeojachingu) The word ‘girlfriend’ is quite simple to learn. It is made up of two words: the word 여자 (yeoja), which means ‘woman’; and the word 친구 (chingu), which means ‘friend’. They can be combined to make the short word 여친 (yeochin), which is sort of like saying GF in English.

How Koreans call their wife?

There are several common Korean nicknames commonly used in South Korea that you can also use for your spouse or significant other. Some popular nicknames are 자기야 (jagiya), 내 사랑 (nae sarang), 여보 (yeobo), and 애기야 (aegiya).

What does “Jagiya” mean in Korean?

Jagiya mean sweetie, honey, etc. The literal translation from korean is “Self”. It was confusing because I am from Canada and my boyfriend from korean called me “Jagiya”. After 10 minuites if him explaining I finally understood. To be honest I think it’s sweet.

How common is the name Jagya in the US?

Out of 6,122,890 records in the U.S. Social Security Administration public data, the first name Jagya was not present. It is possible the name you are searching has less than five occurrences per year. Weird things about the name Jagya: The name spelled backwards is Aygaj.

What is the meaning of the Bengali word ‘Jagi’?

Jagi means “self”; yourself, himself, herself. If one calls someone jagi, it literally stands for “ yourself”, the person who one wants to address. Jagiya comes as Jagi+ya, where “ya” is a suffix used when y You call someone you love “jagiya” instead of calling their name. So it means somewhere around “ darling”, “sweety “, “ honey”.