What does grade mean on a pocket watch?

“Grades” were generally used as a classification system to indicate the quality, level of finish, and characteristics of a movement.

What is a seaside grade pocket watch?

The Waltham Seaside Grade J pocket watch is a size 6s. The watch features a 7 jewel movement. The 1889 Model is a hunter movement with a gilt finish. The serial number indicates the watch was manufactured around 1890. To check out the rest of our movements click here.

How accurate are pocket watches?

If we look at the accuracy of a mechanical pocket watch, typically they have an accuracy rating of +/- 60 seconds within a 24-hour period. The discrepancy in time is due to a number of factors including temperature, humidity, altitude and atmospheric pressure impacting the movement.

What makes a pocket watch railroad grade?

A railroad grade pocket watch is simply a watch that was approved by a particular railroad organization for use by conductors on their rail. This makes evaluating older watches as railroad grade a very difficult task, i.e. a watch may have met the standards of one company but not another.

How can I tell if my Waltham watch is gold?

Open the case’s rear cover and look for the markings “10k,” “14k,” or “18k.” This should be easy to see, as it will be impressed into the inside back cover. If one of those markings is visible, then your pocket watch is gold.

Do pocket watches keep good time?

If properly serviced and cared for, even a low-end pocket watch should be capable of keeping time in the order of a minute a day. If adjusted by a professional, this can be reduced to seconds per day.

Why are there different grades for different Waltham models?

In addition, Waltham used many of the same grade designations for multiple sizes and models, which means that the highest [or lowest] grade for one particular model may not be the highest [or lowest] grade for a different model, even though the names of the grades are the same.

What is the Waltham Model 92 Vanguard?

In 1894, in the midst of fierce competition and trying financial times, Waltham introduces the Vanguard movement, which becomes known as the Model 1892. The first five runs of the Model 92 are marked “Vanguard”. The sixth and seventh runs (7005001-6000, 7006001-7000) consist of the Appleton Tracy & Company grade and some Riverside movements.

When did Waltham start using the railroad movement?

It was first used on the Model 1870 and that movement has the distinction of being the first advertised as a “Railroad” Watch. Waltham uses the name again on the Model 1883 and will use it from the 8 th run of Model 92 movements almost to the very end of Model 92 production. When used on the Model 92,…

Where is the serial number on a Waltham 92?

The first Model 92s made with the serial number next to the barrel bridge (Serial Number Position 2; SNP2) are 21 Jewel Crescent Streets. Many of the 21 Jewel private label movements that Waltham made were made from Crescent Streets.