What does FRN R mean?

Bussmann has a fuse named FRN-R. The R after the hyphen is a symbol to represent that the particular fuse is a “rejection” type fuse. Their design is slightly different and have higher interrupt ratings than the FRN type fuses.

What is a Fusetron fuse?

Fusetron, 225-600 amp fuses enhance safety with insulated end caps to reduce exposure to live parts and extend air gap distance between blades of adjacent mounted fuse or to housing. Features and benefits: Time-delay Fusetron fuses are ideally suited for protecting motor and transformer loads.

What are FRN R fuses?

The FRN-R-5 is a 5A/250VAC class-RK5 dual element Time Delay Fuse for rejection or ordinary fuse clips. This FRN-series fuse provides motor overload, ground fault and short-circuit protection. Helps protect motors against burnout from overloads.

What does the R mean on A fuse?

MVR fuses are current and energy limiting fuses intended for the backup protection of medium voltage motor control. They are non- venting.