What do you sacrifice in bloodshot ramparts?

The shrine has a sacrifice pit that allows one member of a team to sacrifice another, and generate some loot in the process. The sacrifice is done by having one team member climb into the pit, while another throws the nearby lever. This causes a trap door to slam shut on the victim and then they get incinerated inside.

How do you solve the light puzzle in Borderlands 2?

once they are to get all of them to be green, use the switches in this order:

  1. pull the lever until the lights are 10100.
  2. push the switch on the television twice.
  3. use the valve on the pipe twice.

How do you open the cell in sanctuary Borderlands 2?

You will gain access to the room after completing the main storyline quest Where Angels Fear to Tread (Part 2). You only get to loot the chest once, however.

Where is the Bloodshot ramparts in Borderlands 2?

The Bloodshot Ramparts is an area in Borderlands 2. It is located on top of the Bloodshot Dam. The top of the dam is severely damaged by Hyperion Moonshots. At the start of the top of the dam during A Dam Fine Rescue, some bandits will fight the Hyperion robots.

Where is the gunbringer shrine in Bloodshot ramparts?

Shrine of the Gunbringer The shrine in the Ramparts. The Shrine of the Gunbringer is located at the end of Bloodshot Ramparts behind the one-way Fast Travel terminal there. The bandits inhabiting the area refer to Marcus Kincaid as “The Gunbringer” and have erected this shrine in honour of him.

Is there a Bloodshot stronghold puzzle in Borderlands 2?

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