What do you mean by pre-Group planning?

The Pre-group planning stage refers to contacting potential members individually or in small groups to share with them the idea of forming a group.

Why is it important to conduct pre-Group screening?

It allows them to gain a better understanding of how the group will work, as well as gives them an opportunity to practice some of the typical group behaviors. In addition, the preparation session allows group leaders to see how group members interact with each other.

What is a pre-Group?

A pre-group meeting is an opportunity to meet the group leader, learn more about group and to ask questions about how group therapy can be helpful. If you are in individual therapy, the group facilitator may ask what you are working on and how you might expand that work in a group setting.

How do you format a therapy session?

In counseling there is normally a familiar pattern of sessions – Introduction, Information Gathering, Discussion, Conclusion and Homework! What follows is the framework for an Initial Visit, Middle Visit, and Final Visit.

What are the purposes of a pre-group meeting?

The pre-group interview provides an opportunity for both facilitators and potential participants to discuss individual and group goals, and to determine whether this group would be appropriate for this participant. Ideally, it will be conducted in person.

What are the characteristics of pre-Group development phase?

Pre-group phase

  • Exploration.
  • Focus on similarities and differences.
  • First impressions are key.
  • Confusion/anxiety.
  • Lower productivity.
  • Issues of inclusion, leadership, developing trust.
  • Open communication is a must.

What are the purposes of a pre Group meeting?

What is pre Group screening?

The pre group screening procedure is designed to follow a thorough clinical evaluation. This initial evaluation can be performed by another mental health professional or one of the two group leaders. Often the patients are not self-referred but are referred to the group by professional evaluators.

What is pre-Group assessment?

The pre-group assessment interview is a mutual process, where the man is encouraged to ask questions and ‘check out’ the facilitator and service. For facilitators, meeting the men allows for a decision about their appropriateness for the group (based on the inclusion and exclusion criteria).

What are the purposes of a pre-Group meeting?