What do you do after you beat the Water Temple?

After completing the Water Temple, return to Kakariko Village to watch a cutscene and learn a new song from Sheik: the Nocturne of Shadow. Also be sure you’ve learned the Song of Storms from the guy inside the windmill. Note: You have to enter the village through the main entrance to trigger the cutscene.

What do I do after the water temple Ocarina of Time?

What do I do after the Water Temple Ocarina of Time?

How many key are in the Water Temple Ocarina of Time?

Six Keys
3rd Place with Six Keys — Water Temple (OoT) Coming hot off the heels of OoT’s finest dungeons is its most contentious. Standing securely in third, the Water Temple’s six small keys only add to the confusion and length of this notorious level. Nintendo is oddly fond of dynamic water physics puzzles.

How do you reset the water level in the Water Temple?

Dropping the Water Level Remove your Iron Boots to float all the way to the top after Ruto. Ruto is no where to be found, but there’s a Triforce symbol on the wall. That’s your cue to play Zelda’s Lullaby to force the water level lower.

How many temples are there in Ocarina of time?

How many temples are there? A. There are 5 temples in the game, there names are, Forest Temple , Fire Temple , Water Temple , Shadow Temple , Light Temple . The Ocarina of Time . Franchises:The

What’s the best Ocarina of time temple?

Favorite is the Forest Temple because it’s awesome and has the best music in the game. Mating with duck is like vomiting in a too small bucket. Favourite: Spirit Temple.

What is the forest temple in Ocarina of time?

The Forest Temple is the first adult temple, fourth Dungeon overall, in Ocarina of Time. In order to access the Sacred Forest Meadow in the Lost Woods where the dungeon is located, Link must obtain the Hookshot from Kakariko Village Graveyard. The Forest Temple has a dark and eerie vibe to it. The item obtained is the Fairy Bow.

Where is the Water Temple in Zelda?

The Water Temple (水の神殿, Mizu no Shinden) is the sixth dungeon in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. The temple is where the Zora pay homage to the water spirits.