What did John Chen do for BlackBerry?

As Executive Chairman and CEO of BlackBerry Limited, John Chen is responsible for defining the company’s vision and goals, setting its strategy, and ensuring the team’s execution matches corporate objectives.

How old is John Chen?

66 years (July 1, 1955)
John S. Chen/Age

Where is John Chen born?

British Hong Kong
John S. Chen/Place of birth

Who is the CEO of Black Berry?

John S. Chen (Nov 4, 2013–)
BlackBerry Limited/CEO

What happened to John Chen?

An accident causes John to be killed in the mine along with six other miners.

Is BlackBerry Canadian owned?

BlackBerry Limited is a Canadian cybersecurity company specializing in enterprise critical event management solutions, endpoint protection, and securing the Internet of things by using artificial intelligence and machine learning against cyberthreats.

When did John Chen become CEO of BlackBerry?

BlackBerry, headquartered in Waterloo, Ontario, has revamped itself under Executive Chairman and CEO John Chen, who was brought in to turn the company around in 2013.

Who is the CEO of BlackBerry?

John S. Chen is one of the successful British-American businessmen who works as the CEO of Blackberry. He is a board member of the National Committee on U.S.-China Relations and served as a board of directors of The Walt Disney Company, Wells Fargo, and Bpoar.

Who is Chen Chen?

Chen began his career in 1979 as a design engineer with Unisys, where he eventually served as vice president and general manager of, in turn, the Convergent RISC Platform Division and the Convergent UNIX Systems Group. In 1991 he joined Pyramid Technology Corporation as executive vice president.

Why did BlackBerry change its name to BlackBerry?

The name change was made to “put the BlackBerry brand at the centre” of the company’s diverse brands, and because customers in some markets “already know the company as BlackBerry”. While a shareholder vote on an official name change to BlackBerry Limited will be held at its next annual general meeting,…

What is BlackBerry CEO John watsberg’s salary?

When BlackBerry named him as the company’s interim CEO in 2013, the documents showed that he received an annual salary of $1 million and a bonus worth $2 million. In March 2018, John signed a new contract where he gets a salary of $3 million per year and an additional bonus; a total of $15 million.