What class would Darth Vader be?

Darth Vader is a Sith Warrior, and if you’re referencing from the mmo, he’ll be categorized as a juggernaut, a heavy armored warrior that is skilled with the lightsaber.

Is Darth Vader a juggernaut?

The Sith Juggernaut is an advanced class for the Sith Warrior class in the Star Wars: The Old Republic MMORPG video game. It appears the Sith Juggernaut is based on Darth Vader, due to great strength, heavy armor, single saber, and powerful Force powers. Officially though, the juggernaut is based on Marka Ragnos.

Is there a Sith Juggernaut vengeance guide for PVE?

A complete SWTOR 6.0 Sith Juggernaut VENGEANCE Guide for PvE. Includes Stats, Priorities, Utilities Builds, Abilities and Rotations, and Tips Note from Vulkk: If you are returning to this guide and it looks totally different, that’s because this is a new version of the guide, actually.

Should I play Marauder or Juggernaut as a warrior?

Juggernaut and Marauder play more similarly to each other than any of the other advanced classes do. Honestly if you’re just playing casually then I’d just go with whichever saber style you like more, single or dual wielding. I’ve played every class in the game at this point, and for warrior I personally prefer Juggernaut.

Should I get Marauder / Sentinel / Juggernaut / Guardian?

Juggernaut is appropriately named, it makes you feel like an absolute tanky monster while you still do tons of damage. Marauder / Sentinel really lack impact in my opinion with most of their abilities so I lean towards Juggernaut / Guardian instead. I’d suggest giving both a try. Gameplay preference is very subjective.

When to use unyielding in SWTOR?

Every operations encounter in SWTOR has some AoE damage component, so this utility offers basically free Focus and should always be taken. Unyielding – You generate 4 Rage when stunned, immobilized, put to sleep, or knocked around. This utility is situational for fights with lots of physics effects.