What can you do in Growtopia?

A Creative Platformer Growtopia has growing trees at heart, but over its almost 5-years history, so many more new features have been added. Collect and combine fabric to sew unique outfits. Become the best chef using the cooking mechanics.

How do you bend notes in Growtopia?

If you punch to your left or right, you can bend the note higher or lower. Punch in your own column to play the same notes that Sheet Music: Piano Note plays. This item never drops any seeds. This item can be transmuted. Restores after 0s of inactivity. Purchase the Rockin’ Pack for 9,999 in the Growtopia Store . “ROCK N’ ROLL!!!

How many players are there in Growtopia?

Growtopia | Official Website. Server is up | 37802 Players online! Toggle navigation. Forums. Support. World of the Day. Growtopia is a free-to-play sandbox MMO game with almost endless possibilities for world creation, customization and having fun with your friends. Enjoy thousands of items, challenges and events.

Is Growtopia servers restarting?

Hello Growtopians, The servers will be restarting in a few minutes. Get ready for the power of changing seasons! We’ll be back shortly! ~ Kairos Thanks. Twitter will use this to make your timeline better. Undo Verified account Hey Growtopians, The maintenance has been completed. The Growtopia website and forum should be stable now!

How does Growtopia live and breathe?

Growtopia lives and breathes thanks to the amazing community of players who come to play, create, educate and entertain each other. Growtopians chat in the game, as well as on dedicated Growtopia forums. To get advice, pro tips, latest news, share your fan art, or discuss updates and suggest new features, head to forums!

How do you get a Golden Heart Crystal in Growtopia?

Purchasable from the Growtopia Store for 150,000 Gems during Halloween . Rare drop from Golden Booty Chests, smashing Heartstone or purchasing Valentine’s Goodies . Mixing 1 Pegasus, 200 Candy Hearts and 1 Golden Heart Crystal in a Chemical Combiner . Item Of The Month for May 2017.