What area in Turkey is the Blue Lagoon?

Olu Deniz
Surrounded by stunning mountain scenery and soft white sand, there’s no wonder the Blue Lagoon in Olu Deniz is a UNESCO World Heritage Site when the water is as bright blue as it is. It’s also one of the most photographed beaches in Turkey.

Can you snorkel in Olu Deniz?

Some of the boats do have a limited quantity of gear for snorkelling but its far better to take your own. Jay is right about Olu Deniz. The boat trips are best for snorkelling. The water will be cool.

How do you get to Blue Lagoon LDeniz?

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How to get there. Ölüdeniz is very close to Fethiye, so if you have rented a car, the ride there (about 20 minutes) is quite comfortable, as it’s a wide road that is well paved. If you’re on a budget, then you can take the dolmuş (minibus) from Fethiye to Ölüdeniz and pay a small fee of five Turkish liras.

What sea is Fethiye on?

One of the biggest districts of Muğla, Fethiye is located in the east of the city. Fethiye is surrounded by Antalya in the east, the Mediterranean Sea in the west, Dalaman in the northwest and Denizli and Burdur provinces in the north.

How do you get from Oludeniz to Istanbul?

you can hava a flight from istanbul to dalaman which is the nearest airport to oludeniz. then take a bus to fethiye from dalaman. You should also have a bus to ölüdeniz from fethiye. 1 hour flight and 3 hours bus ride.

How far is Blue Lagoon from Antalya?

The distance between Antalya and Blue Lagoon is 4601 km.

What is there to do in Olu Deniz for families?

Ölüdeniz Plajı 7,483. Beaches. By F2067SJalexa.

  • Kidrak Natural Park. 393. Parks. By AgentEquestrienne.
  • Oludeniz Waterworld Aquapark. 617. Water Parks. Open now.
  • Glamour. 311. Cabarets. By ssssteve.
  • Blue Lagoon. 251. Beaches.
  • Suncity Beach Club. 156. Beach & Pool Clubs.
  • Oludeniz Milli Parki. 155. National Parks.
  • Kumburnu Plaji. Beaches.
  • How do I get from Fethiye to Butterfly Valley?

    Getting From Fethiye to the Butterfly Valley, Turkey By Minibus (Dolmus) and Cruise: From Fethiye, you are going to have to take a minibus from Fethiye Bus Terminal to Oludeniz and from the Oludeniz beach, you can catch one of the many tourist cruises to the Butterfly Valley.

    Is Blue Lagoon beach free?

    Blue Lagoon Beach Entrance Fee Visit to the Blue Lagoon Beach is no entrance fee required, however it just small amount of 10,000 IDR for parking. if wish to get snorkeling quipment can be rented from the beach warungs which is only 100,000 to 150,000 IDR per person.

    How far is the Blue Lagoon from Istanbul?

    The distance between Istanbul and Blue Lagoon (Water) is 809 km.

    Where do you fly into for Oludeniz?

    The nearest airport to Ölüdeniz is Dalaman (DLM) Airport which is 36.2 km away. Other nearby airports include Rhodes (RHO) (96 km), Bodrum (BJV) (151 km), Antalya (AYT) (152.2 km) and Kos (KGS) (185 km).

    What to do in Blue Lagoon Olu Deniz?

    Enjoying the Oludeniz holidays you can visit an abandoned greek village of Kayakoy which is a very exciting activity, especially for those who are fond of history and various brownfields. We recommend you to spice up your Blue Lagoon Olu Deniz beach holidays with paragliding from Babadag mountain.

    Where is the closest airport to Blue Lagoon oludeniz?

    The closest to Blue Lagoon Oludeniz airport is Dalaman which is located in 63 km from the Oludeniz resort. During the holidays in Oludeniz Turkey you should definitely visit its beaches, there are 3 main ones.

    Where to go paragliding in Olu Deniz?

    We recommend you to spice up your Blue Lagoon Olu Deniz beach holidays with paragliding from Babadag mountain. The point is that Oludeniz Turkey is considered to be one of the best places for paragliding fans.

    How to get to oludeniz resort?

    Oludeniz resort (Olu Deniz) is located near town of Fethiye in the province of Mugla in Turkey. You can easiliy get from Fethiye to Oludeniz by dolmus – mini bus.