What are were creatures?

Werebeasts are creatures that can transform between a human (or at least humanoid) form and an animal or animal-like form. They are also known as “werecreatures” or “were-animals”. The prefix “were” comes from the Old English word “wer”, meaning “man”.

How many were creatures are there?

Scientists have recently estimated that there are approximately 8.7 million species on Earth. They believe that 1-2 million of those species are animals. And what do we know about all those species? Not much!

What is the strongest Werebeast?

Alpha Physiology – As the most powerful werebeasts, they are the natural alphas. Animal Emerging – May be able to call upon creatures begotten from their very being.

Are there Werecats?

Assertions that werecats truly exist and have an origin in supernatural or religious realities have been common for centuries, with these beliefs often being hard to entirely separate from folklore.

Do Werecats exist?

Can a therian be a furry?

There are a number of therians in the furry community (and of course, vice versa). Being therian is not a lifestyle choice, but being furry is–a therian can make that choice as well. Therians also do not, in any way, choose their animal side. Most believe they are born with it.

What’s a therian furry?

Therians, or therianthropes, are people who identify, in some intrinsic way, as an animal that exists or has existed on earth. Ph-shifting is when they feel phantom limbs that correspond with their animal identity (called a theriotype).

Who was the strongest werewolf?


Name Age Known For
Starrk 9,000 Alpha of the pack & thought to be the Most powerful werewolf/immortal in the world
Nueva 7,000+ Second most powerful werewolf & Mother of Mal-El
Oenomaus 7,000+ Founder of Egypt & Most honorable werewolf
Amon 7,000+ Co-Founder of Egypt

Who is the strongest werewolf?

Starrk is the alpha of the Primordial werewolves and is the oldest and most powerful werewolf in existence.

Is a Werecat stronger than a werewolf?

A “weretiger” (or any werecat that wasn’t a domestic cat, for that matter) would probably overpower a werewolf. Any large cat could take down a wolf, after all.

What are the types of mythical creatures?

Of the truly mythical creatures, centaurs are creatures that are half man (from the waist up) and half horse (the rest). The most famous is Chiron , who was taught by Apollo and Artemis, and himself taught such pupils as Aesculapius, Achilles, and Hercules.

Were-creatures around the world?

Were-Creatures Around the World. Stories of men transforming into beasts is nothing new, it’s a belief that has been around for ages, a belief that is not exclusive to werewolves alone. There are legends of were-creatures all around the globe and of course, not all of these tales feature men turning into wolves.

What are some paranormal creatures?

PARANORMAL CREATURE. The study of these creatures is known as cryptozoology. Those that study the existence of cryptids are called cryptozoologists. Cryptids have been sighted and documented for centuries. There are hundreds of creatures thought to be in existence today. Some of the more popular cryptids include Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster,…