What are the dimensions of a standard gas fireplace?

Standard Gas Fireplace Dimensions Gas fireplaces can be anywhere from 20 inches to 60 inches, but the size of the gas fireplace you choose will ultimately depend on the area of the room and the height of the wall you plan to put it in.

How big should a firebox be?

Rule of thumb. Firebox size should be 1/3 the volume of the cook chamber.

Do you need a firebox for a gas fireplace?

Ventless gas logs do not require any special venting to use, only an approved firebox. Vent-free gas logs are the best option for heating due to the fact all heat is put back into the room and not lost up a chimney.

How deep is a firebox?

Firebox Dimensions and Chimney Heights

Fireplace Opening Width 24″ 42″
Firebox Depth 16″ 16″
Rear Firebox Width 11″ 29″
Rear Firebox Wall Vertical Height 14″ 16″
Nominal Flue Size 8×12 12×16

How much depth is needed for a gas fireplace?

Depth should be 12-14 inches. If you are measuring for a see-thru gas log set, the depth needs to be 16-18 inches. The height of the firebox opening should be a minimum of 18 inches to accommodate most gas log sets.

How much space is needed for a fireplace?

You should make sure your fireplace location is at least 36 inches from a wall that lacks protection. You can reduce the clearance to 12 inches if you add a wall protector. The front and side of the unit should have a non-combustible extension.

How do you size a gas fireplace?

To calculate fireplace size, measure the width, length, and height of your room in inches. Multiply these three numbers together to determine the room’s volume, then multiply that number by four, which will give you a close minimum heat output. You can select an appropriate size with the original dimensions.

What do you put under a gas fireplace?

Combustible Floors Typically floors in a house are combustible, or not designed to deal with a fireplace and the heat it produces. In order to install a gas fireplace you need to install a noncombustible floor made out of masonry — brick, stone or concrete — to protect both your subfloor and nearby walls.

How thick should a fireplace be?

InterNACHI recommends that for any size fireplace opening, the thickness of a hearth should be at least 4 inches (102mm).

What are the standard dimensions of a fireplace?

A standard fireplace is a normal brick fireplace, most of which have an opening about 36 inches wide, about 28 inches high, and 16 to to 20 inches deep. The inner walls of the fireplace angle inward, and the back sometimes slopes forward a bit, but is sometimes nearly vertical.

What is a fire box in a fireplace?

The firebox is an essential part of any fireplace, and replacing is difficult — but it’s possible. For the most part, fireboxes are cubic chambers that house the wood (or other solid fuel source) and the flames of the fire.

Is fireplace wood burning?

Wood burning fireplaces are found in many homes and are most commonly associated with the wood burning fireplace concept. They are designed to burn wood more efficiently and generate a substantial amount of heat.

What is a box fireplace?

A fireplace box is a liner, usually made of metal or ceramic, that fits into a fireplace and provides protection and insulation.