What are iconicon helmets?

Icon Helmets are men’s and women’s pro motorcycle helmets designed with modern technology and a fine attention to color and detail. Choose from their most popular models including the Airmada, Airframe, Variant, and the Alliance. The composite shell features futuristic designs that mimic the ride.

What is the difference between an icon helmet and a ventilation?

Ventilation is designed into the helmet as well as a drying and cooling liner to effectively reduce heat buildup. Icon Helmets also feature trace shield, icon optics, venting and fiberglass, spectra, carbon fiber and clear coat for the ultimate graphics.

What is the iconicon FORCESHIELD™ variant?

Icon’s ForceShield™ shield is designed to fit the Airflite™ helmet. The Variant was designed for those who ride outside the boundaries of convention. Proven design, comfortable fit and superb quality for the maximum value. Track level specs in a mid-price helmet category.

What shield is compatible with Airflite helmets?

Icon’s FliteShield™ shield is designed to fit the Airflite™ helmet. Compatible with the Airframe Pro, Airform and Airmada Helmets. Featuring a 3D molded process for optical clarity, and a fog-free coating.

Why is icon wearing its rap sheet on its helmet?

Like that loveable class clown who always managed to avoid getting in trouble for misbehaving, Icon embodies the hooligan personality, wearing its rap sheet on its sleeve like a badge of honor. If Icon is continuously campaigning to secure its unique brand image in the motorcycle landscape – then Icon graphic helmets are carrying the banner.

What is the icon brand?

A magical combination of good style and bad attitude, the Icon brand sets itself apart from everything else in the protective motorcycle gear market – waaay apart.