What are Euro Garages worth?

They merged with European Forecourt Retail Group in 2016. Before that deal, the Issas sold a stake in Euro Garages worth about £700 million. There are nearly 3,800 EG garages in the UK and Europe, with another 1,700 sites in the US and 537 elsewhere in the world.

What companies do Euro Garages own?

Euro Garages Recognising that motorists needed more from the forecourt than just petrol, they installed branches of Spar, Carrefour and other supermarket chains alongside Subway outlets, Burger King, Greggs and KFC. The majority of its petrol stations are ESSO branded with others branded Shell, Texaco and and BP.

What do eg garages own?

Today, EG Group has over 5,900 sites across Europe and the US. Its fuel retail brands (Esso, BP and Shell) are complemented by a leading non-fuel offering including brands such as Starbucks, Subway, Greggs, KFC, Burger King and Carrefour.

What do Euro Garages do?

Euro Garages were founded in 2001 by the Issa family, with a single petrol forecourt in Bury. Euro Garages were the first operator to introduce Starbucks on the Go into their filling stations, replacing Coffee Nation in June 2013.

Who are the Issas brothers?

Mohsin Issa
Zuber Issa/Brothers

Who owns EG Group Limited?

Euro Garages (Jersey) Limited
EG Group/Parent organizations

Who are Euro Garages competitors?

Euro Garages’s competitors Euro Garages’s top competitors include Softlogic, Briscoe Group, Fine Hygienic Holding and Glaze Trading.

Are Euro Garages franchised?

EG Group is a British retailer based in Blackburn which operates petrol stations and fast food outlets in Europe, the United States and Australia. The group was created through the combination of Euro Garages and EFR Group in November 2016….EG Group.

Type Private
Headquarters Waterside, Blackburn , United Kingdom

Are Euro Garages listed?

Is Euro Garages a good company to work for?

Great company, brilliant staff, with plenty of opportunities I have worked for Euro Garages for almost 3 years and have just been promoted to site manager. It’s a vast company with may opportunities to enhance your career. The learning opportunities are also great and varied.

Who are Asda owned by?

Super-rich brothers Mohsin and Zuber Issa own Asda, but also own thousands of petrol stations through their company, EG Group, along with investment firm TDR Capital. EG Group owns 6,000 forecourts, as well as various fast food brands in Europe and the US.

Do euros own Asda?

Mohsin and Zuber Issa – who started up the Euro Garages (EG) Group in 2001 with a single petrol station in Bury — now own Asda, Cooplands bakery, and Leon restaurants.