What are blinds that roll up called?

Roller shades “roll up” onto a tube, and are operated with a cord loop, a cordless spring system, or even by remote control, and are available with personalized features like a cassette valance or a decorative bottom hem.

How much do roll up shades cost?

Cost of Roller Shades Each one is $8 to $190, depending on their size and quality of material. At $35 to $100 per hour for four hours, labor is $140 to $400 for the install. Like the roman style, these window treatments feature a smooth single layer of fabric that extends down flat against the glass.

What are outdoor shades called?

Patio Shades
Exterior porch shades are shades made for outdoor use. Both the screen material and hardware are built to withstand the elements. The screen material is woven in a pattern that allows it to block UV light.

How do you shade outside windows?

Here are 7 ways you can shade your windows from the outside to reduce solar gain.

  1. Awnings.
  2. Exterior blinds.
  3. Curtains.
  4. Solar mesh screens.
  5. Overhangs.
  6. Shutters.
  7. Shades.

Do exterior window shades work?

Exterior solar shades generally work best on patios, decks, and south-facing windows. Lighter colors in both types of shades block more UV rays, while darker colors make it easier for you to see outside. The lower this number, the better the shade blocks UV rays and protects your privacy.

What can you put on the outside of windows to block sun?

By completely covering your windows with aluminum foil, you will not only block the sun, but the aluminum foil will reflect the sun and lower your cooling bills. When putting aluminum foil on your windows, you will need to tape the foil in place with the shiny side facing out.

Do roller shades roll over or under?

When roller blinds are assembled a piece of fabric is attached to a top tube. Over roll refers to the way in which this fabric is attached to the top tube. Over roll means the fabric rolls over the top tube. Under roll means the fabric rolls under the top tube.