What advert is Eric Cantona on?

Sports Direct launches £6m TV advert starring Eric Cantona for UEFA Euro 2020. Sports Direct has just launched a new £6m summer football campaign called ‘Just A Game?! ‘ to coincide with the UEFA EURO 2020 football competition, taking place from 11 June to 11 July 2021, having been postponed due to the COVID-19.

What beer did Cantona advertise?

In a beer advert featuring Eric Cantona for Kronenbourg, hop farmers in the French city Alsace are celebrated in a way typically reserved for footballers. Their statues are unveiled, they bask in female adulation and are generally given the celebrity treatment for their hard work.

Who is the man in the Kronenbourg advert?

legend Eric Cantona
Advert starring Manchester United legend Eric Cantona for French Kronenbourg 1664 beer is banned because it’s actually brewed in Manchester – Manchester Evening News.

Who is the footballer in the Sports Direct advert?

Sports Direct have revealed their new Christmas advert, which stars Emma Raducanu alongside footballers Mason Mount and Jack Grealish.

Is Eric Cantona in just eat advert?

Former France and Man Utd footballer Eric Cantona stars in this new 2021 Just Eat advert for EURO 2020 that’s titled ‘The Delivery’.

Who is in the Sports Direct ad?

Emma Raducanu
The entire line-up starring in Sports Direct’s Christmas ad is: Emma Raducanu. Jack Grealish. Mason Mount.

What is the most expensive Christmas Advert 2021?

Former Aston Villa captain Jack Grealish has starred in the UK’s most expensive Christmas advert of the year. The £6 million ad features 16 famous sporting stars, including tennis pro Emma Raducanu, Olympic gold medallist Jessica Ennis-Hill as well as England goalkeeper Jordan Pickford.

Who are the footballers in the just eat advert?

The ad campaign from McCann London will run as part of Just Eat Takeaway’s sponsorship activity and features soccer legends Eric Cantona, Gianluigi “Gigi” Buffon, Fernando Torres, Lukas Podolski and Virgil van Dijk, each in their own spot.


Just Eat Limited is a British online food order and delivery service founded in 2001 in Kolding, Denmark. The platform enables customers to search for local takeaway restaurants, place orders and pay online, and to choose from pick-up or delivery options.

Is Madri a Spanish beer?

Inicio | MADRI EXCEPCIONAL. The La Sagra brewery was founded by Carlos Garcia, a first-generation brewer born in Madrid. He started La Sagra Brewery in 2011 in Toledo, on the outskirts of Madrid, a unique area of Spain, historically, a melting pot of 3 different cultures.

Is Kronenbourg 1664 really brewed in France?

‘Because we considered that the overall impression created by the ad was that Kronenbourg 1664 was brewed in France when it was not, we concluded that it was misleading.’ The ASA said it accepted that Strisselspalt hop from Alsace is used in the recipe.

What is Eric Cantona’s favourite beer?

The TV ad featured the French footballer lauding the ‘French’ ingredients. Football icon Eric Cantona heralded France’s favourite beer, Kronenbourg 1664, and the farmers of Alsace who grow the hops used to produce it.

Why has next Cantona’s ‘French’ beer advert been banned?

Next Cantona’s ‘French’ beer advert is barred: Commercials that boasted of Gallic superiority of Kronenbourg 1664 banned because it’s actually brewed in Manchester Ads watchdog said footballer’s adverts for brew were ‘misleading’

What’s going on with Juan Cantona?

The news marks the second time Cantona has hit the headlines this week. On Sunday, he became the victim of plagiarism by serial copycat Shia LaBeouf, who quoted, word-for-word, the legendary statement he made to a room full of press following his assault charge in 1995.