Was Wolfgang Schneiderhan a great violinist?

Never a firework virtuoso – although he had prodigious talent – Wolfgang Schneiderhan, who has died aged 86, was a fine, thoughtful violinist, and a great stylist with an individual, recognisable tone and delivery.

Where did Wolfgang Schneiderhan live?

Wolfgang Schneiderhan (violinist) Wolfgang Eduard Schneiderhan (May 28, 1915 – May 18, 2002) was an Austrian classical violinist. Schneiderhan was born in Vienna. After briefly studying with Otakar Ševčík in Pisek, he studied with Julius Winkler in Vienna.

Who is Hans-Christian Schneiderhan?

Born in Vienna, Schneiderhan came from a musical family where the siblings were encouraged to play the violin by their mother. At eight years old he was taken on as a pupil by the great technician and study author Otakar Sevcik – even if he wasn’t encouraged to learn any of the exhaustively rigorous Sevcik exercises.