The main requirement for any scientific research (ESP, diploma or dissertation), – a justification for the relevance of the theme, on which conducted the study.

The relevance of the research topics characterizes its relevance and importance for the solution of specific problems (problem, issue), which arose before the author of the work, if the exchange rate or to order an independent investigation.


To justify the courses on request, dissertations and theses, should explain why the theme of this research have matured now, at this moment, because they are not disclosed previously, that this prevented. It is also necessary to identify, as regards the choice of subject due to the development of science, the accumulation of new research methods and information, gaps in the studies already carried out, the use of new methods of research, the need for research in the new economic conditions, etc.

You can book an ongoing project, or doing the work yourself, but in both cases, the relevance of the ongoing study will be presented in a contradictory situation, which requires a specific and reasoned decision. In addition, the solution of the problem should contact a practical necessity, that is, the researcher, referring to a particular problem, it must have a clear idea of what practical matters will respond the results of his research. In addition, the course work must be written taking into account, the current level of scientific knowledge and the theme of the project have practical significance for the life of the State, its socio-economic development.

Volume to justify the relevance of the subject reported not be very short, and not too extensive. Background for the course can take about half of the page, and a thesis – about one or two.

The relevance of this study is an important issue that the researcher must put yourself before the project. If the search argument is not relevant, then the execution of the work will have no meaning and practical application. Background – this is the level of importance of research in this situation and the length of time to solve these problems, issues and concerns.

Execution term papers to order, taking into account teacher guidelines

In each country, the university term papers and dissertations are written only after the course has been attended lectures on topics and conducted practical exercises to consolidate knowledge and skills acquired. If there was one student responsible and has not missed a single class, as well as additional study at home, then write a term paper you are perfectly capable. When written work will be checked by the teacher, it is, above all, will mark your knowledge, the ability to express their thoughts, draw conclusions.

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When the exchange rate will provide the requirements that apply to your work from teachers, a list of references necessarily based on which is the implementation of written work. In addition, necessary to thoroughly examine the issue, re-read the literature teacher recommended, and write an excellent exchange rate.

Of course, there are also cases in which the teacher can return to work at the end, thus leaving their comments. Then we are very free and with all the comments of recycled material and sending it to you. Therefore, it is important that you have given us in the middle of all the notes of the teacher.