It is no secret that much nicer about thinking about anything or thinking as little as possible. The whole world of the 21st century with its tremendous entertainment industry and urged us to relax and have fun, forget about the companies. Add to this the factor of procrastination and choice between the solution of the storm Lowville and the film becomes almost clear. Special for you, we have to fight for the movies, over the head. In addition, useful and enjoyable.


So think of movies

  • Seven. Beautiful duo Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt in neo-noir style. It may have gloomy film, but it will not leave you indifferent.
  • Escape Plan. Detective thriller, with – the heroes of childhood (Stallone and Schwarzenegger). However, do not think that the film is a primitive battle in the best tradition. Incorrect plot you will be pleasantly surprised.
  • Interstellar. Great film about the depths of the infinite universe and the eternal human values. There is an excellent way to think and discuss. Refresh the knowledge about the theory of relativity and cosmology, and the host for the display – it will be much more interesting.
  • Shutter Island. The film that keeps the tension in every minute. Events are unexpectedly strong, and the end of it makes you wonder: ā€œDid I do it right?ā€ A perfect example of a movie, to stimulate thought.
  • Start page. They want to expand awareness – you here. Nevertheless, immediately warned: to cook the brain, so as not to confuse, find out that someone is dreaming. So if you choose a movie for fun and along with the development of thinking – start with “Start”.
  • 10 Little Indians. Soviet classics based on Agatha Christies beautiful. Here you have a very well closely following the details. Otherwise, you do not realize who the killer is. Soviet cinema has always been excellent intellectual refinement, and “10 Little Indians” – a perfect example of a movie for the development of intelligence.
  • Mulholland Drive. The film, which many do not understand. Why? Every detail is important. Look in the kitchen and prepare soup, just do not work. Be patient, focus – and you like.
  • Insomnia. Brilliant game Al Pacino and Robin Williams – perfectly illuminate the evening smart movie lovers. The film that thinks about it is a pleasure.
  • The Truman Show. Movies, the life – theater, and the people in it – the actors. In addition, something more, of course. What is this? You decide.
  • Arrivals. Aliens & Space – fertile ground for the imagination. However, for some reason, we tend to think about aliens as green or anything else, the humanoid. This movie – about an unconventional representation of a mind, and how to contact them. After giving his imagination, filmmakers left no room for yours.

Have fun, and we hope you find our selection “think” interesting film!