A few years ago, scientists at Stanford have conducted an interesting study in virtual laboratory of human interaction, which is of great importance to students. Trembles, young minds! Now pass the exam without training will help another new way!

The results of this test, the scientists found that a specific position of the shoulders and head movements could indicate the presence of a creative streak and a greater capacity for learning.


Conducting research on learning ability

Scientists have cost sensors for video games, which help to determine the exact member of the movement of the body, legs and head. For example, the Kinect is able to capture 24 points on the body.

Then, about a hundred people were selected, whose movements were recorded at 30 frames per second.

Therefore, we conducted several tests. In a scientist, he played the role of a teacher who was trying to learn before and after certain transfer knowledge to the student for 5 minutes (for example, the principles of efficient use of water resources). This scenario was repeated with the other participants about 50 times, after which the data were collected and checked.

The objectives and the first results of the study

Scientists are trying to identify cases in which the test has yielded poor results. As a result, worse than all the teachings are revealed students during training done too active movements of the upper body?

No matter the reason for which the student begins to move is bored, itching or there is some other reason. One is that it stops moving the upper body, already tells us that the student is not ready to accept new knowledge, is not ready to learn.

The ability of the teacher to explain also put to the test – the widest and irregular movements were the head and body, the worse the results.

This knowledge gives teachers a unique opportunity to understand the availability of their students to the perception of complex material, as well as to examine the particular ways of learning

The second study results

Other tests have shown that in the discussion of topics in a couple of creativity and ideas put forward by the number of participants increases both when both are moving synchronously.

Synchronous movement during the discussion of the problem or the solution of the problem to improve cooperation and enhance creativity.

By the way, it is a great way for the selection of candidates to the control project work. Employer enough to divide people into pairs and give them a few minutes to see which pair will give a better idea.