Is Zometa a cancer drug?

Zometa is FDA-approved to treat multiple myeloma and bone metastases from solid tumors. The drug is used with standard treatments for cancer, such as chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and hormone therapy.

What does Zometa do to your body?

Zoledronic acid belongs to a class of drugs known as bisphosphonates. It lowers high blood calcium levels by reducing the amount of calcium released from your bones into your blood. It also works by slowing the breakdown of your bones by cancer to prevent bone fractures.

Does Zometa strengthen bones?

Zometa is a brand (trade) name for zoledronic acid. Zoledronic acid strengthens bones and may be used for the treatment or prevention of osteoporosis. It works by inhibiting osteoclasts which are responsible for breaking down and reabsorbing bone (by a process known as bone resorption).

How long has Zometa been on the market?

Development Timeline for Reclast

Date Article
Aug 20, 2007 Approval Reclast Receives US FDA Approval as First and Only Once-Yearly Treatment for Women With Postmenopausal Osteoporosis
Apr 17, 2007 Approval Reclast Receives US Approval as a Highly Effective Treatment for Patients with Paget’s Disease of the Bone

Has Zometa been discontinued?

Novartis ceased manufacturing ZOMETA (zoledronic acid for injection), EQ 4 mg-base/vial, lyophilized powder for injection, in May 2003.

How much does a zoledronic acid infusion cost?

The cost for zoledronic acid intravenous solution (4 mg/5 mL) is around $46 for a supply of 5 milliliters, depending on the pharmacy you visit….Intravenous Solution.

Quantity Per unit Price
5 milliliters $9.14 $45.68
20 (4 x 5 milliliters) $7.71 $154.20

How long after first Zometa do you get flu like symptoms?

Most common side effects are post-dose fever, flu-like symptoms, myalgia, arthralgia, and headache which usually occur in the first 3 days after infusion and are self-limited.

Is Zometa a chemo drug?

Zoledronic acid (Zometa) is not cancer chemotherapy, and it will not slow or stop the spread of cancer. However, it can be used to treat bone disease in patients who have cancer. Zoledronic acid is in a class of medications called bisphosphonates.

How long do Zometa side effects last?

Symptoms of this reaction may include flu-like symptoms, fever, headache, chills, and bone, joint or muscle pain. These symptoms may begin during the first 3 days after you receive a dose of zoledronic acid injection and may last 3 to 14 days.

How is Zometa administered?

How Zometa is given – Zometa is given as a drip (infusion) into a vein which should take at least 15 minutes and should be administered as a single intravenous solution in a separate infusion line. Patients whose blood calcium levels are not too high will also be prescribed calcium and vitamin D supplements to be taken each day.