Is Yamaha P80 good?

Final Words on the Yamaha P80 The P80 offers rich and resonating sounds and an excellent touch response that all users will find really useful during their musical journey. The keyboard’s overall performance has been great and this is evident from user reviews.

Does the Yamaha P80 have weighted keys?

Yamaha P80 Keyboard has an 88-key keyboard that is graded and weighted to mimic the sound of an acoustic piano keyboard. As you might already know by now, Yamaha is the best in the market at simulating the motion of a real piano. For that reason, they produce the best digital pianos with weighted keys.

How much does a Yamaha P80 weigh?

37 lbs.
Slim Lightweight Design,- Although the P-80 has a full-sized keyboard, the rest of its body is super thin and compact. It weighs 37 lbs., so you can easily carry it to and from a gig – ideal for the professional musician on the go.

Does Yamaha P80 have built in speakers?

I do most of my playing at night with the headphones, but I do want the option to hear some sound without headphones from time to time. The P80 doesn’t have any built-in speakers, so I understand I need to buy a “powered monitor” to hear the sound.

Is the Yamaha P80 a good piano?

The Yamaha P80 is perfect for keyboard players who simply want a great piano sound and authentic piano action on a lightweight digital piano. Whether you’re playing with a band on stage or at church, practicing at home, or playing solo, the Yamaha P80 won’t disappoint.

Does the Yamaha P80 keyboard have headphone jacks?

The Yamaha P80 Keyboard has a variety of connectivity ports that make it easier to use the keyboard. The dual headphone jacks are one of the most useful ports. You may use these to attach the keyboard to a pair of headphones for quiet training sessions.

Do you prefer a P80 or an acoustic?

In fact, after playing an acoustic here and there, I prefer my P80. It has a variety of piano sounds, a couple organs and other piano-like sounds… plenty for me. I have been playing the piano since 1951 and worked as a jazz musician for nine years (1955-1964) — have played on some really bad pianos.

How much does a P80 guitar weigh?

One of the greatest features is the weight. At only 37 pounds, the P80 is able to be tucked away in a closet when you’re not using it, to travel in the car with you when going to lessons, or even to gigs once you become more comfortable playing for people around you.