Is Workhorse chassis still in business?

Workhorse Custom Chassis is going out of business and is due to shut down this month, according to Heavy-Duty Trucking magazine. Navistar spokesman Steve Schrier confirmed the news. Navistar’s eStar electric van, though managerially connected to Workhorse, remains an active product, Schrier said.

Who makes Workhorse chassis?

AMP acquired the Workhorse brand and the Workhorse Custom Chassis assembly plant in Union City, IN in March of 2013. The asset acquisition made the company an OEM and enables the company to manufacture new, medium-duty truck chassis in the 14,500 to 23,500 GVW class.

How do I know what Workhorse chassis I have?

The first and easiest way is to look at the steering wheel on your motorhome–it will usually have the Ford logo, or say “Workhorse” “Spartan” or some other brand. If there is no label, your motorhome registration will have the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) that will tell us what chassis your coach rides on.

Is Workhorse owned by GM?

Trump scorned the automaker over the decision — that is, until, in May 2019, GM decided to sell it to a struggling electric truck startup called Workhorse.

What is a Chevy workhorse?

Workhorse Custom Chassis began in 1999. As Chevrolet decided to get out of the RV chassis business, Workhorse took over those operations, beginning with converting the Chevy P30 Step Van/RV chassis into a similar Workhorse version called the P32. Later, the W series chassis was designed strictly for motorhomes.

What size is a Chevy workhorse engine?

At close to 500 cubic inches, the GM 8.1L Vortec in the Workhorse chassis is already the most powerful gasoline motorhome going.

What chassis does Fleetwood use?

Fleetwood Freedom Bridge® (Diesel Only) Our proprietary all-steel structure creates a true side-to-side, front-to-rear and belly-to-beltline bridging platform that pairs perfectly with the Freightliner XCM® chassis.

How do I know if I have an Alko chassis?

Your Vin number plate should then show the vehicles chassis type, axle type and the maximum axle load. ; another way of identifying your chassis is by viewing the rear of your vehicle , normally if you have leaf springs on the rear; you will effectively have an AL-KO chassis.