Is Tin House an independent publisher?

Since Tin House published its first issue as a magazine in 1999, it has become a treasured institution of independent publishing and an essential gathering space for writers; having spent decades supporting emerging writers, and shepherding many of their books to success, it now holds the dual (and rare) status of …

Who owns Tin House?

Craig Popelars (he/him) is the Publisher of Tin House. Craig formerly was associate publisher of Algonquin Books, where he worked for twenty-five years.

Where is Tin House based?

Portland, Oregon
Tin House is an American book publisher based in Portland, Oregon, and New York City….Tin House.

Founded 1998
Country of origin United States
Headquarters location Brooklyn, New York and Portland, Oregon
Distribution W. W. Norton
Publication types Magazines, Books

Does Tin House publish short stories?

Novelty will give any new venture a boost, but Tin House wasn’t just new, it was distinctive. Part literary magazine, part glossy, it merged the design sensibility of a commercial magazine with an eclectic mix of short stories, nonfiction and poetry.

What happened to Tin House?

Tin House’s 20th Anniversary Issue, to be published in June 2019, will be the publication’s last. We will continue to publish original fiction, nonfiction, and poetry online at, with a focus on new voices, a cause the magazine championed throughout its twenty-year history.

Is tin house a small press?

Portland’s Tin House Press, born out of the eponymous magazine, continues to foster a community of engaged readers interested in eclectic small press publishing. The independent press Tin House, located in Portland, Oregon (and with a second office in Brooklyn), started in 1999 as a literary magazine.

Who distributes coffeehouse press?

Coffee House Press books are distributed to the trade by Consortium Book Sales and Distribution, a division of Ingram.

How can I get my magazine published?

Tips for getting published in a magazine:

  1. Read the Submission Guidelines. First and foremost, read the submissions guidelines of the magazine you are submitting to.
  2. Stay on Theme.
  3. Make Sure Your Style Fits.
  4. Do Your Research.
  5. Be Polite.
  6. Ask If They’re Willing to Give Feedback.
  7. Explore Issuu for Magazines to Submit.

Who distributes consortium books?

Ingram Publisher Services LLC
MINNEAPOLIS, MN (May 6, 2020) — Consortium® Book Sales & Distribution, an Ingram Publisher Services LLC brand, announces three new publishers for the Fall 2020 season: Agnes & Aubrey, Centrala, and Common Notions. They will begin distribution with Consortium on May 30.

Where is Soft Skull Press?

New York City
Soft Skull Press

Parent company Catapult, funded and co-founded by Elizabeth Koch
Headquarters location New York City
Distribution Publishers Group West
Key people Yuka Igarashi, editor
Nonfiction topics Alternative culture, LGBTQ literature

How can I publish a magazine online for free?

  1. 3 tools to publish a free magazine online. Home | Blog | Digital Publication | 3 tools to publish a free magazine online.
  2. ISSUU. ISSUU is quite versatile as they’re not only focused on publishing digital magazines.
  3. Paperlit.
  4. Joomag.

How do I publish a digital magazine?

How To Publish Your Magazine Online

  1. Turn it into a website. While this is the most resource-intensive route, it is by far the best.
  2. Publish it as a downloadable PDF.
  3. Embed it using SlideShare.
  4. Use a third-party magazine hosting app.
  5. Conclusion.

Who is the editor of Tin House magazine?

He enlisted Holly MacArthur as managing editor and developed the magazine with the help of two experienced New York editors, Rob Spillman and Elissa Schappell. In 2005, Tin House expanded into the book division, Tin House Books. They also began to run a by-admission-only summer writers’ workshop held at Reed College.

What is the history of Tin House?

Tin House is an American literary magazine and book publisher based in Portland, Oregon, and New York City. Portland publisher Win McCormack conceived the idea for Tin House magazine in the summer of 1998. He enlisted Holly MacArthur as managing editor and developed the magazine with the help of two experienced New York editors,…

What kind of books did targettin House publish?

Tin House published fiction, essays, and poetry, as well as interviews with important literary figures, a “Lost and Found” section dedicated to exceptional and generally overlooked books, “Readable Feast” food writing features, and “Literary Pilgrimages”, about visits to the homes of writing greats.