Is there Indie K-pop?

It is widely regarded as the counterpart to K-pop; whereas K-pop is characterized by a commercialized image targeting a specific audience, Korean indie emphasizes the authentic messages of musicians.

Is IU an indie artist?

Lee Ji-eun, better known by her stage name IU, is a force to be reckoned with. During her 11-year (and counting) career, IU has paved her own way with her own brand of niche indie music style that goes against the mass-produced, commercial K-pop genre.

What is indie music in Korean?

K-Indie, or Korean indie, is the independent music in South Korea. Developed in the 1990s in Hongdae, an area in northwest Seoul, the authentic messages of the musicians stand out, and in the fact that most artists do not have publishing and distribution contracts with companies – some sign after gaining popularity.

Are BTS independent artist?

“BTS began their career as an independent hip-hop band, rather than the typical ‘idol bands’ managed and controlled by the entertainment agency,” says Lee Gyu-tag, assistant professor of anthropology at George Mason University’s South Korea campus.

Is Baek yerin indie?

Yerin Baek has been a familiar face to the Korean scene for almost 10 years, kicking off her career as part of the JYP Entertainment duo 15&. After leaving the company in 2019, she started her own independent label Blue Vinyl.

Is ciki Korean?

Quietly lurking behind the dreamy illustrated album covers of his self-produced tracks, South Korean indie artist CIKI is more often heard than seen.

How do I become an indie?

Being indie about music is about being open to new things.

  1. Do some research.
  2. Head down to your local record store, if it still exists.
  3. Talk to your friends about music.
  4. Get involved in your local music scene.
  5. Don’t worry about whether or not your tastes are popular or “indie enough.” Listen to what you love.

Can Kpop groups be independent?

Kpop groups are often listed under an entertainment company that basically manufactures their music and dance moves. They don’t have that much independence because it’s like a software job under a pressurising boss who in this case happens to be the PD of the entertainment company.

What are the most popular indie bands in Korea?

Last but not least, perhaps the most revered Korean indie band in the industry: HYUKOH. Made up of 4 members, this band has an international, cult-like following. It probably helps that the frontman and lead singer, Oh Hyuk, can speak fluently in Korean, Mandarin and English.

What are some of the best Canadian indie rock bands?

Another well-loved Canadian indie rock band is formed of husband, wife and brothers band, Arcade Fire. The band consists of 6 members who are related (some by blood and other by marriage), however, there are also a few other unrelated members that often tour with the band when they do shows.

Who are the members of Canadian indie rock band BTS?

Consisting of 4 members, the band is one of the biggest influences of Canadian Indie rock. The members include; Neil Sanderson, Brad Walst, Matt Walst, and Barry Stock, all of the members play a different role that contributes to the sound of the band as a whole.

What are the top 10 K-pop bands?

10 bands for K-pop fans looking for something different 1 Day6 2 Bursters. Bursters, also known as Burstered in some translations, first made their debut in 2014 on the South Korean talent television show Superstar K. 3 Nell. 4 FTISLAND. 5 Inlayer. 6 Hyukoh. 7 South Club. 8 Wetter. 9 The Rose. 10 Guckkasten.