Is the PRINCE2 Foundation exam hard?

I tell you this, to show you that the PRINCE2 foundation examination is NOT hard. Sometimes a ‘tricky’ question comes up. It’s only in your mind by the way, the PRINCE2 exam boards NEVER set ‘trick’ questions, PRINCE2 foundation examination questions will only be based on information within the PRINCE2 manual.

What is the pass rate for Prince 2 Foundation?

The PRINCE2 Foundation exam is 1-hour, has 60 multiple-choice questions, and has a pass-mark of 55%. This exam has a 97% pass rate (UK national average).

How do I pass the PRINCE2 Foundation exam?

10 Tips to Score Highest In Your Prince2 Foundation Exam

  1. Know the background – the exam figures.
  2. The Foundation exam facts.
  3. Set up your schedule.
  4. The pre-course books are important.
  5. Master the PRINCE2 Manual.
  6. Practice exam questions.
  7. You should also think outside the course box.
  8. Do not panic during the exam.

How many questions do you need to pass the PRINCE2 Foundation exam?

The PRINCE2 Foundation exam is made up of 60 multiple-choice questions, which you must complete in 1 hour. All the questions are contained within a question booklet. The pass mark is 55% so you need to score at least 33 correct answers to pass.

Can I put PRINCE2 after my name?

A word of warning: although PRINCE2 is free to use it is a trademark of AXELOS – the Joint Venture company between the United Kingdom Government and Capita. So you can put “PRINCE2 Registered Practitioner” on your CV, no problem.

Is Prince 2 Exam open book?

Fortunately PRINCE2 Practitioner exam is an open book, which means that you can take your PRINCE2 manual into the exam room, so write the key points and draw process diagrams in the manual which would be helpfulfor you. Nevertheless, nobody in the exam hall will care about what has been written in the manual.

Can I take PRINCE2 exam without training?

Taking standard courses is not mandatory for the PRINCE2 exams; candidates can tak classroom courses, take eLearning courses , or do self-study; in other words, any form of PRINCE2 training is acceptable. …

Is PRINCE2 Foundation Exam open book?

What does a PRINCE2 exam look like?

PRINCE2 Practitioner Exam Format: Exam duration: 150 minutes. Number of Questions: 68 Questions. Passing Criteria: 55%, i.e, approximately 38 out of 68 questions should be answered correctly.

How do I add PRINCE2 to my CV?

Follow this step-by-step guide to add your PRINCE2® certifications to your CV: Under the sub-title of Certifications, Education, or Courses, enter the phrase “PRINCE2® Registered Practitioner”, “PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner”, or PRINCE2® Foundation” depending on your achievement.