Is the Palm Beach post office open today?

Hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Customers with Post Office Boxes at the main office may, with proper identification, pick up their mail at the Palm Beach Worth Ave Post Office. The safety and well-being of both customers and employees is of utmost importance to the Postal Service.

Where is Palm Beach Post located?

Highway West Palm Beach, Florida
The Palm Beach Post

Type Daily newspaper
Headquarters 2751 South Dixie Highway West Palm Beach, Florida 33405 United States
Circulation 88,231 Daily 142,679 Sunday
ISSN 1528-5758

What is the coldest temperature in West Palm Beach Florida?

27 degrees Fahrenheit
The lowest temperature recorded during that period was 27 degrees Fahrenheit (-3 Celsius) on January 20, 1977. Since 1942 the temperature extremes were measured at Palm Beach International Airport. Before then, the weather station was near downtown West Palm Beach.

Who lives in Palm Beach Florida?

7 Palm Beach County Celebrities

  • Bill Gates. As one of the richest men in the world, Bill Gates owns property all across the US.
  • Max Weinberg. Most people are well aware that Bruce Springsteen and his wife are famous Palm Beach County celebrities.
  • Tami Hoag.
  • Howard Stern.
  • James Patterson.
  • Tiger Woods.
  • Jimmy Buffet.

How do I place an ad in The Palm Beach Post?

For more advertising rate information, or to place an ad, please contact the advertising department at (561) 820-4400.

What is the hottest month in West Palm Beach Florida?

The hottest month of the year in West Palm Beach is August, with an average high of 89°F and low of 77°F. The cool season lasts for 3.0 months, from December 5 to March 6, with an average daily high temperature below 77°F.

Is West Palm Beach Florida Safe?

Is West Palm Beach a safe place to live? While West Palm Beach has a high crime rate relative to the national average, it’s one of the safer cities in Florida. Most crime occurs in one large area of the city.

Where is billionaire row in Florida?

Located on the white sandy beaches of Palm Beach, Florida, Billionaires Row Palm Beach offers gorgeous massive estates, private beaches, and incredible ocean views for the elite.

What celebrities have houses in West Palm Beach?

Famous Palm Beach County Residents Rob lives in Wellington, Florida, where Bill Gates also has a home. Other notable singers, who call Palm Beach County home, are Jimmy Buffet and Rod Stewart. Former President, Donald Trump, along with wife, Melania, and son, Barron, also reside in Palm Beach County Florida.