Is the MU 2 safe?

Safely.” The MU-2’s design and configuration might make it a special case, but the fact is that type-specific training—and lots of it—reversed trends in the airplane’s accident and fatality history: It’s now one of the safest twin turboprops in the world.

Does the MU 2 have ailerons?

The MU-2 does have trim ailerons for lateral trim. The spoilers are effective in a wide range of speeds and they are located on the wing ahead of where airflow is disrupted during a stall, so plenty of roll control is available at low speeds.

How much does a Mitsubishi MU 2 cost?

Depending on the model, MU-2s hold six to nine passengers; they also cruise at 315 knots, land on very short and rough fields and have a range of 1,100 nautical miles. Prices vary from $160,000 to $800,000, depending on model and condition.

Does Mitsubishi make planes?

Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation ( 三菱航空機株式会社 , Mitsubishi Kōkūki Kabushiki-gaisha), abbreviated MITAC, is a Japanese company that develops, produces, sells and supports the Mitsubishi SpaceJet (formerly MRJ) passenger airliners.

What MU-2 means?

MU2. Miss You Too (chat)

Is the MU-2 hard to fly?

I was surprised to find that the MU-2 was one of the most solid, easy to fly airplanes I have ever had the pleasure to fly. Right out of the chocks I felt completely comfortable. Steep turns, slow flight, stall recovery from the shaker, single-engine approaches-we did it all. My first landing was acceptable.

What engine did the Japanese Zero have?

Nakajima Sakae radial
The Zero was made by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and was first powered by a Nakajima Sakae radial air-cooled engine of 14 cylinders (two staggered rows of seven) that developed 1,020 horsepower. Later it used a 1,130-horsepower engine to turn its three-blade constant-speed propeller.

What company owns Mitsubishi?

The four main companies in the group are MUFG Bank (the largest bank in Japan), Mitsubishi Corporation (a general trading company), Mitsubishi Electric and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (both diversified manufacturing companies).

Are aerostars safe?

The number of fatal accidents of Aerostars is “about double that of the typical light twin and more than triple the rate of the Beach Baron, a closely comparable aircraft,” according to the guide. Since 1983, the National Transportation Safety Board has recorded 20 fatal accidents involving the aircraft.

Does the MU-2 require a type rating?

In 2009 the FAA took an unprecedented step to secure safer flying in the MU-2 by mandating a type rating for all who fly it. Currently, only aircraft weighing more than 12,500 pounds require a type rating.

How much does a MU-2 weigh?

The MU-2 has performance similar to a small jet; however, as it weighs less than 12,500 pounds (5,700 kg), under U.S. pilot certification rules in force at the time, a pilot holding a multi-engine rating for much slower twin piston-engine aircraft could fly the MU-2 with only a simple flight instructor endorsement.

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How many MU-2M were built?

The MU-2M, of which only 28 were built, is regarded as the toughest and most desired of all short-bodied MU-2s, especially with a −10 engine conversion.

What is the difference between a mu2b and a MU-2D?

Civil MU-2s powered by Garrett engines were certified as variants of the MU-2B, using the MU-2B type followed by a number. For marketing purposes, each variant was given a suffix letter; the MU-2B-10, for example, was sold as the MU-2D, while the MU-2B-36A was marketed as the MU-2N.