Is the iPhone 4 still a good phone?

Yes it is still a good phone, if it is cheaper that is better, all the iPhone 4s has is a faster internet and siri, which isn’t that great. And all the iPhone 5 has is 4g LTE and a bigger screen. Plus any new phone is better than an older one.

What is the most protective case for iPhone?

The Ballistic Hard Core (HC) Series Case is considered by many to be the most protective iPhone case available. It is built with five layers of protection and meets military specifications offering protection from: wind, rain, sand, drops, fingerprints, scratches and more. The case is quite bulky.

What is the best phone case?

Spigen. Spigen is one of the most popular case makers out there as we’ve already made quite clear,and with good reason.

  • Otterbox. The go-to case brand to keep your phone completely safe is undoubtedly Otterbox.
  • Speck. Cases by Speck are also great options if you’re looking to keep your phone in great condition.
  • Urban Armor Gear.
  • Ringke.
  • Poetic.
  • Are the iPhone 4S and 4 cases the same?

    The size of the phones is the same but the button placement is slightly different. If your iphone 4 case has one big slot for all three buttons, it will fit the 4S.

    Is it possible to unlock iPhone 4?

    If it’s an AT iPhone 4 then yes, it can be unlocked; once it’s unlocked it’ll work with other carriers that use SIM cards like T-Mobile – just get a SIM card and service from the carrier and plug the SIM card into the phone. To get it unlocked see the web page below.

    Is iPhone 4 battery same as iPhone 5?

    The iPhone 5’s battery is slightly less than a half an inch taller than the iPhone 4S. The thickness appears to be identical. UPDATE – Although, the thickness appears to be the same, the iPhone 5 battery is ever so slightly thinner. With an eye test, the iPhone 5 battery is maybe 1-2mm thinner.

    How to unlock Apple iPhone 4?

    Open iMyFone LockWiper and click ” Start “. Then connect your iOS device with a USB cable.

  • Put your iPhone/iPad into DFU mode. If you can’t get into DFU Mode, just switch to get your iPhone 4 into Recovery Mode.
  • Once your device is in DFU mode, it will show the device information.