Is the Gamo swarm whisper good?

The Gamo® Swarm Whisper® 10X Air Rifle uses an IGT (Inert Gas Technology) gas-piston powerplant. The gun uses IGT to propel . 22 pellets up to 975 fps. The Swarm Whisper 10X is a great air rifle for hunting small game, pest control, and recreational shooting.

How fast does the Gamo Whisper shoot?

1,000 feet per second

Weight 8.35 lbs
Velocity: 1,000 feet per second (fps) with Alloy Pellets
Action: 10X Quick- Shot technology enables you to shoot up to ten pellets without reloading. Single cocking system.
Noise dampening: WHISPER
Powerplant: IGT Inert Gas Technology gas piston.

How good is the Gamo Wildcat Whisper?

I am very pleased with this Wildcat whisper, it is extremely powerful and the scope is quite good, more than I expected from a cheap scope. Have put about 30 rounds through it and it’s nearly perfect. My only complaint is the focus on the scope doesn’t work well.

What is an IGT air gun?

Gamo IGT system (Inert Gas Technology) is the compression method of the pneumatic and sealed air rifle that replaces the traditional spring with a gas piston. The compressed air gas piston air rifles are giving very good results in power stability throughout their life.

What is the Gamo Wildcat Whisper pellet rifle?

The GAMO WildCat Whisper pellet rifle features the IGT (Intert Gas Technology) piston that allows higher velocity, less vibration and a longer lifespan than traditional spring powered airguns. The Gamo WildCat Whisper also features noise-dampening technolgy patented by Gamo.

What technology does the Gamo swarm Whisper have?

The GAMO Swarm Whisper also features the well-known patented Whisper noise dampening technology.

What are the features of a Gamo 4×32?

Fluted polymer jacketed rifled steel barrel with WHISPER noise dampening technology. Two stage trigger. Automotive grade glass filled nylon all-weather. Non-Slip texture on grip and forearm. Ventilated rubber. Manual safety and automatic cocking safety system. GAMO 4×32 scope with rings. GAMO standard 11 mm aluminum rail. 1 Year.