Is Skeletool CX worth it?

The pliers, blade, and bit driver are purpose-built, comfortable to use, and clean. The low-profile, pocket-clipped carry alone is worth the price of admission. The Skeletool has proven its worth over years of service, earning its place as our first recommendation for Every Day Carry.

Does Leatherman skeletool have a pocket clip?

Details. At a mere five ounces, the Leatherman Skeletool has a stainless steel combo blade, pliers, bit driver, removable pocket clip and carabiner/bottle opener. The Skeletool is just what you need in one good lookin’ package.

What is the difference between the skeletool and the skeletool CX?

The main difference between the regular Skeletool and the Skeletool CX is in the material of the steel blade. The Skeletool CX’s straight blade holds it edge longer and is easier to sharpen but the straight blade does cut through rope of webbing as easily as a serrated blade.

Does the Leatherman skeletool have a can opener?

Besides the main tools, it also offers a carabiner loop, can opener, and a removable pocket clip. The pocket clip curves to match the frame, and even the back of the blade has a gentle humped curve that makes it pleasing to the eye. The tool fits well in your hand.

Where is Leatherman skeletool made?

the USA
A: Made in the USA.

What is the most popular Leatherman multitool?

the Wave
If you’re buying a gift for someone, it may help to know that the most popular Leatherman model is the Wave. If you’re getting a multi-tool to carry in your pocket daily, size or weight may play a part in your decision.

What is the lightest Leatherman multi tool?

Leatherman Freestyle Multi
Leatherman Freestyle Multi-Tool The result is the industry’s “lightest multi-tool with a full-size pliers,” according to Leatherman. It weighs a mere 4.5 ounces and sit at just 3.45 inches long when closed up and in a pocket.

Is skeletool Made in USA?

A: Made in the USA. All metal construction.

Why is it called Leatherman?

So what did the first Leatherman tool look like? Well, the idea for the concept came to Leatherman after going on a driving tour of Europe in 1975, and having to use a pocket knife to repeatedly fix his failing car.

What are the reviews of the Leatherman skeletool CX?

Leatherman Skeletool CX Review 1 The Blade. One thing the Skeletool CX has over many other multitools – and over the standard, much cheaper Skeletool – is a real knife. 2 Deployment and Lockup. 3 Features, Fit & Finish. 4 Field Test. 5 Alternatives. 6 Wrap-up.

How much does a skeletool CX weigh?

The Skeletool CX is among the lightest full-size tools in our test, weighing just 5 ounces on our scale. Only tiny keychain tools are significantly lighter. Among the full-size award-winning tools, the next heaviest tool is 136% the weight of the Skeletool.

How do I identify a Leatherman skeletool?

Markings include “Leatherman Skeletool CX” printed on the front side outer scale (which covers the edge of the blade) and “154CM” on the blade, and “Leatherman” embossed on the plier head. Fit and Finish is a touchy subject on Leatherman tools.

Is the skeletool CX a real knife?

One thing the Skeletool CX has over many other multitools – and over the standard, much cheaper Skeletool – is a real knife. It’s not huge, but it’s what I consider real.