Is Rolex Meteorite dial real?

The Gibeon meteorite is now protected by Namibian law, meaning that no one can further harvest it. A Rolex meteorite dial is certainly rare – not only in terms of Rolex watches, but also as a raw material throughout the world.

Which Rolex watches have meteorite dials?

Rolex was the first manufacturer to use slices of meteorite to develop these unique dials, originally featuring them in the Daytona and the Day-Date models. Meteorite dials can now also be found on premium versions of the Datejust, Pearlmaster and GMT-Master II.

How much is a meteorite Rolex?

Prices are $34,050 (white gold), $41,000 (yellow gold), and $43,700 (Everose gold), and the watches will be available soon from Rolex retailers worldwide. I’m a huge fan of meteorite dials in general, and these look like absolute stunners.

What is Rolex meteorite made of?

ROLEX METEORITE DIAL Most meteorites are usually made of either space rock or are pieces of a planetary core that eventually found their way into our orbit and drawn down to earth from our planet’s gravitational pull.

What is Gibeon meteorite worth?

Whole Gibeon Iron Meteorites for Sale

# GN50-41 # GN57-6 # GN120-1
Weight: 50.4 gm Weight: 57.6 gm Weight: 120.1 gm
Features: Whole specimen. Features: Whole specimen. Features: Whole specimen.
sold sold $485

Is Invicta meteorite real?

Meet the Meteorite This watch features a dial made from a type of meteorite called Muonionalusta meteorite. Found in Sweden, it’s estimated to be 4.5 billion years old and is believed to have impacted Earth approximately 800,000 to one million years ago.

Is Zelos meteorite real?

The Zelos Mako V3 is a great diving watch with 300m water resistance. Under the hood is a Japanese Miyota 9015 mechanical movement. The overall specifications are very impressive: beautiful domed sapphire glass and C3 and BGW9 lume….Service and parts.

Warranty 2 years

Where does Rolex get meteorite?

From across the Solar System. This model is the only GMT-Master II with a meteorite dial. Meteorite comes from the heart of an asteroid or possibly even a planet that has exploded, propelling material across the Solar System until chance brings it into our planet’s orbit and gravity pulls it to Earth.

What is a Rolex Serti dial?

When people refer to a Rolex with a Serti dial, most often they are referring to a Submariner 16613 with a champagne or slate dial set with 8 round diamonds and 3 sapphire markers.

What are meteorite dials?

Each meteorite dial is unique. They all originate from an asteroid that exploded millions of years ago and consists of iron and nickel. During its travel to earth, it developed a unique crystallization within the material resulting in this beautiful structure.

What is a meteorite dial?

The dial is, in fact, crafted from a meteorite that is believed by most to be close to four million years old. The appearance of the meteorite dial can actually only be achieved in the far reaches of outer space. It occurs when two metals come together and cool into a crystal-like solid state.

Which is meteorite Dial watch?

The stainless steel Prestige HMS has a dial made of meteorite originally discovered in 1931 and sourced from the Henbury crater field in the Northern Territory of Australia. The meteorite used on the dial is an Octahedrite – the most common form of ferrous meteorites – and reveals crisscrossing Widmanstätten lines of nickel-iron crystal.