Is Roland FA-08 worth it?

I am very impressed with this workstation. It has a sturdy high quality feel, and the acoustic piano sounds are good – perhaps the Krome’s is a notch better, BUT it has so many more high quality rich sounds than its competition in this price range. It boasts over 2000 sounds, compared to just over 600 for the Krome.

Does the FA 08 have aftertouch?

Roland FA-08 vs Roland FA-06 Its keyboard is an unweighted 61-key synth action with velocity sensitivity, but (like many other more affordable keyboards these days) has no aftertouch.

Is Roland FA-06 worth it?

With so many sounds onboard and only weighing 5.7 kg, the FA-06 is certainly an excellent choice for live performance work. Although, the lack of a weighted keyboard may make it unsuitable for live piano playing. But only piano playing. For everything else, it is fantastic in live settings.

How much does a Roland FA 08 weight?

36.44 lbs.
Compare to Similar Best Sellers

This item: Roland FA-08 88-key Music Workstation $ 1,979 .99 + FREE Shipping 38 reviews Roland FA-06 61-key Music Workstation $ 1,449 .99 + FREE Shipping 36 reviews
Height 5.62″ 4″
Width 55.75″ 39.69″
Depth 14.44″ 11.81″
Weight 36.44 lbs. 12.62 lbs.

What year did the Roland FA 07 come out?

Roland – Company – Press Releases – 2017 – ROLAND ANNOUNCES FA-07 MUSIC WORKSTATION.

How good is the sound quality on the Roland FA-08?

As you could have probably guessed, the sound quality is astonishing on the Roland FA-08. Though there have been some minor complaints of the piano sound in particular not sounding the best, overall the sounds are quite great and far superior to many other products such as the MX61 and Kross.

What is Roland FA series?

Taking the “work” out of the music workstation Roland’s new FA series completely reimagines the music workstation, streamlining it for effortless real-time power, ultra-fast workflow, and maximum versatility.

What do you think about the FA-08?

First impressions – I upgraded to the FA-08 from a Roland Fantom G6. Although the Fantom G6 is no slouch and I’ll use it as a reference, the FA-08 is a better workstation in many ways. I use music workstations mainly to produce and arrange songs for videos and presentations and to learn better ways to play overall.

Which FA-08 keyboard is right for You?

If you’re serious about piano sounds, the FA-08 is the perfect choice. Its 88-note, weighted-action Ivory Feel-G keyboard is ideally suited for pulling every expressive nuance from the authentic onboard acoustic and electric pianos.