Is Mumbai Pune highway open today?

Mumbai-Pune Expressway open for essential services vehicles; all others undergo rigorous checking.

Is Mumbai Pune highway safe?

Neither Mumbai – Pune expressway nor the old highway is safe for commuters during night. In the last four months as many as five to six robberies have taken place in the isolated place of Wadgaon-Maval. As there is lot of open space for robbers to escape which invites the robbers to do their work easily.

Is Mumbai Pune highway safe at night?

Travelling regularly on this route by Expressway. During night time goods traffic cannot be avoided. But normally goods truck keep to the extreme left lane or middle lane and it is quie safe to drive at 70 kmph/80 kmph. The distance can be covered in 3-4 hours comfortably with a short break en route.

When did Mumbai Pune Expressway start?

Spanning a distance of 94.5km, the expressway connects Mumbai, starting from Kalamboli in Navi Mumbai, and Pune, ending at Kiwale. Inaugurated in 2002, and built under the leadership of then Public Works Department Minister of the State of Maharashtra, Nitin Gadkari, the expressway is one of India’s busiest roads.

How much is the toll on Mumbai Pune Expressway?

It took about five hours to travel between Mumbai and Pune, before the Mumbai-Pune Expressway was opened for the public in 2002….Mumbai-Pune expressway toll collection.

Vehicle type Toll fee
Buses Rs 797
Large trucks Rs 1,380-1,835

Is bike allowed on Mumbai Pune Expressway?

No, bikes are not allowed on Mumbai Pune Express Highway.

Is it safe to drive to Mumbai?

OVERALL RISK : HIGH. Because Mumbai is a huge and populous city, the level of crime is high. Travelers can easily become victims so they need to avoid traveling alone on public transport or in taxis, especially at night.

Can I travel at night in Mumbai?

MUMBAI: A day after issuing detailed guidelines, the state government on Monday issued revised guidelines with a few additions, allowing people to return home, go to a railway station, bus stop or to the airport after 8 pm, during night curfew and also weekends by carrying valid tickets.

Are 2 wheelers allowed on Mumbai-Pune Expressway?

2wheelers and 3wheelers are not allowed on the mumbai-pune expressway. If you want to travel on bike to pune then you will have to use the old mumbai – pune highway. No two wheeler are not allowed on Expressway. Two wheeler can travel to Pune through the old Pune Mumbai highway.

Why is Mumbai highway famous?

The expressway, which was fully operationalized in 2002, introduced new levels of speed and safety in automobile transportation to Indian roads. It is one of India’s busiest roads. The expressway has reduced the travel time from Kalamboli in Mumbai to Kiwale in Pune to about two hours.

How many tolls are there from Pune to Mumbai?

Mumbai-Pune Route Toll Rates (Kahalapur Toll and Talegaon Toll):

Vehicle Type Old Rates New Rates
Cars, SUVs, Vans Rs. 230 Rs. 270
Mini-Bus Rs. 355 Rs. 420
Trucks (2 axles) Rs. 493 Rs. 580
Bus Rs. 675 Rs. 797

Is FASTag compulsory on Mumbai-Pune Expressway?

The Union government had earlier made it mandatory for all vehicles passing through any toll plaza to have FASTags from February 15 failing which they have to pay double the toll as a penalty. FASTags were made mandatory Rajiv Gandhi Bandra-Worli Sea Bridge and Mumbai-Pune Expressway from January 1, 2021.