Is Miyota a good watch movement?

The movement has a 10-year, proven track-record and is widely regardedas a high quality, workhorse movement and alternative to ETA’s caliber 2824. Its specifications include: Accuracy: -10 sec/day up to +30 sec/day. Power reserve: 42 hours.

What brands use Miyota movement?

Usage. Miyota movements are used by many watch makers besides Citizen for some of their watches, among them Invicta, Boldr, Bulova, Bernhardt, Corgeut, Timex.

Are Miyota movements made in China?

Our movements are assembled in Japan using only parts manufactured at our Japanese plants, which enables us to ensure their quality.

Does Seiko use Miyota movements?

Hattori movements are often interchangeable and are used by Seiko. Citizen, on the other hand, uses Miyota 8215 movements. Apart from Seiko and Citizen, most Asian watches are said to use this movement, combining them both.

How good is miyota 8215?

Miyota claims the caliber 8215 has an accuracy rating of -20 ~ +40 seconds per day. This is only measured within 10 to 60 minutes from a full power reserve. To achieve full power reserve, hand-wind the crown 40 times. Power reserve or fully wound running time is about 42 hours.

Which is better Miyota or Seiko?

With all of the differences between these two calibers, the most dramatic difference is the beat rate. The Seiko NH35A beats at 21,600 bph, whereas the Miyota 9015 beats at a higher 28,800 bph.

What is Japanese Miyota quartz movement?

The Miyota quartz movement is a specially made movement designed to use a battery that consumes less power, handles shock better, and improves the functionality of quartz watches. The company specializes its quartz movement such that they can work for basic watch designs and complicated engineering also.

What watches use the Miyota 8215?

Example models that use the Miyota 8215

  • Timex Marlin Automatic.
  • La Forban Malouine.
  • Spinnaker Hull Rivera.
  • Gigandet Sea Ground G2-003.