Is King Edward VI college good?

King Edward’s is ranked 8th in the top 20 Sixth Form Colleges according to the Sunday Times. Based on last summer’s exam results 17% of students achieved grades AAB in over two facilitating subjects. This means that on average our students achieved 896.0 points.

How many students attend King Edwards Stourbridge?

1,600 (2011)
King Edward VI College/Total enrollment

How do you get a keg?

The requirements for admission into Year 12 are:

  1. An average GCSE/IGCSE points score of at least 6.625 across the best eight subjects.
  2. Reformed grade 6 or higher must be achieved in GCSE Mathematics and English (whether.
  3. A suitably high GCSE grade, usually A or reformed grade 7 or better, in each chosen subject.

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Where is King Edward VI College Nuneaton?

King Edward VI College is a sixth form college located in Nuneaton, England, in Warwickshire. Currently, it teaches subjects in preparation for AS and A-level Examinations, for students generally aged sixteen to eighteen.

How many students are there at King Edward VI grammar school?

The college presently accommodates approximately 1100 students from Warwickshire, West Midlands and neighbouring counties. King Edward VI Grammar School came into being on 11 May 1552 as a grammar school, following the grant of a royal charter by King Edward VI.

What is the King Edward VI College Alumni Association?

The King Edward VI College Alumni Association was launched in May 2011 by former students Vicky Fowler and Mohsin Shah. The association is open to all former college students and staff members.

What is the history of Nuneaton RFC?

The Nuneaton Old Edwardians Rugby Football Club (RFC) was initially founded in 1910 to provide rugby football for former pupils of the Grammar School, the club went open in 1955 allowing players from all backgrounds to join. The club is still active and as of 2012 is participating in the Midlands 1 East League.