Is it hard to get into SCC?

It is a mid-size institution with an enrollment of 7,252 undergraduate students. The Salt Lake Community College acceptance rate is 100%.

What is Southeast Community College known for?

With high-quality career/technical and academic programs and very affordable tuition and fees, SCC provides students with tremendous opportunities to create their futures through the obtainment of new knowledge, skills and awareness.

Is Southeast Community College a trade school?

Every year hundreds of adults upgrade their knowledge and skills through a wide variety of Industry and Trade classes at Southeast Community College. Some learn skills in new fields, others learn new techniques and technologies for their current jobs.

Where do I send my transcripts to Southeast Community College?

High School Transcripts – Send original high school transcripts to [email protected] or mailed to the Admissions Office at the campus that you are applying to.

What GPA does SLCC require?

To graduate from SLCC, you must maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher. This GPA requirement is described in more detail in the General Catalog.

What is the acceptance rate for University of Utah?

79.4% (2020)
The University of Utah/Acceptance rate

Is Southeast Community College a good school?

Overall i feel like this college is Great! Southeast community college provides a large amount of students the opportunity to obtain higher education for cheap while opening doors to academic transfer programs. The community college is affordable and is even more cheaper for residents.

What division is Southeast Community College?

College Athletic Association Division II
For the first time in program history, the Southeast Community College baseball team is heading to the National Junior College Athletic Association Division II World Series.

Can I get a bachelor’s degree at SCC?

University Transfer/Pre-Professional Healthcare SCC’s University Transfer Program is designed to provide students with their freshman and sophomore years of a typical bachelor’s degree through an Associate in Arts or Associate in Sciences degree earned at SCC.

How do I get my transcripts from Southeast Community College?

Request Using WebAdvisor

  1. Students must log into The Hub to submit their transcript request.
  2. Once on The Hub, go into WebAdvisor for Students under Academic Profile and click on Transcript Request.
  3. Complete the information and submit your request.

Where is the best place to find your SCC transcript?

Your unofficial transcript is available on The Hub. There is also an option to request an official transcript. More information on transcripts and requesting them can be found at

Can anyone get into SLCC?

The only requirement for admissions is to have earned either a state-recognized high school diploma or a state-issued General Education Diploma (GED). Salt Lake Community College is an open enrollment institution which means that there is no minimum ACT or GPA requirement to be admitted.