Is immortal Rain an anime?

Immortal Rain (メテオ・メトセラ, Meteor Methuselah) is a Japanese shōjo manga series written and illustrated by Kaori Ozaki. It was first published in the Japanese monthly anthology Wings as Meteor Methuselah.

Is Immortal Rain good?

It has the elements that many look for in a good book. It has action, drama and even some comical moments! It contains a well put together story-line and talented artwork. Rain Jewlitt is 624 is an immortal man known as Methuselah, whose only possession is a violin that he plays so badly that the heavens cry.

In what sense is rain immortal?

When water takes the form of vapour, it is not visible to the human eye and nor can we feel its touch. The vapour rises to the sky, condenses and forms clouds which cause rain. Though we are aware of its presence, the process remains invisible to us. Hence, the rain has rightly called itself ‘impalpable’.

What will happen if it doesn’t rain Class 11?

Answer: If it doesn’t rain then Earth will remain parched, droughts will follow and the dust-layers will not be washed away. There will be nothing to quench the thirst of the plants and trees and their seeds will die.

What does Reck D or Unreck D means?

Answer: Reck’d or unreck’d in the poem by walt whitman means whether you cared for the sound of the rains or not , whether somebody listened to the sound the rain made or not,it does not affect the rains and neither does it affects the poet. In both the case the sound is cherished by the poet and the rain with love.

How does the rain help the seed?

The rain helps the seeds to germinate and grow into a new life. The seeds are dormant and unborn because of lack of water which is needed for them to germinate and form a new plant.

Why is the age of eleven so important for the poet?

Age eleven is so important for the poet because at this age he would be able to mark the difference between what is a fact and what is a fiction. At the age of eleven, the poet realizes that his childhood has gone. He has become much rational at this stage of his life.

What does the poet ask to the soft falling shower?

In the poem, the poet asks the soft-falling shower, ‘Who are you?’ to which she replies that she is the poem of earth. It is a strange thing for the rain to reply to the poet. It falls back on the surface of the earth to provide water to the drought-prone areas and to beautify and purify the earth (its birthplace).

Why does the rain Cannot be touched?

It is a conversation between the poet and the rain. The rain told the poet that she cannot be touched as she rises in the form of water vapour in the sky from the land and the bottomless sea. It changes its shape yet it remains the same. The vapour changes into clouds due to condensation.

What does the poet ask to the soft-falling shower?

Has the poet got an answer to the question where did my childhood go?

The poet got an answer that his childhood went somewhere hidden in a baby’s face. Childhood will now remain only in his memories. He thought his childhood had gone to some unremembered place, but is hidden in the face of a baby.

At what age does the poet think he lost his childhood?

eleven years
Answer: When the poet crossed the age of eleven years, he realised that he had lost his childhood and had developed a mind of his own. He also found out the non-existence of Hell and Heaven.