Is Eweka any good?

Eweka, as its legacy suggests, is one of the better services. With lightning fast downloads, impressive retention and completion, and a stringent privacy policy, it also offers a status page so you can check if the service is offline.

Does eweka keep logs?

We do not monitor which newsgroups you post to or download from or what you put in news articles that you post. Log Information: We collect server logs in connection with your use of our websites or Services, which include IP address and the date and time of the connection.

How many connections does eweka have?

You can establish up to 8 connections with Eweka.

What backbone does newshosting use?

Usenet backbone
A Usenet backbone is the basic level of Usenet. Because of the nature of the protocol, private companies own and operate Usenet servers. Depending on the backbone, you’ll have access to different retention rates, different account options, and different newsgroups.

What backbone is eweka?

trans-Atlantic backbone
Our network. The success of our services depends on the reliability and quality of service that we provide to our users. Therefore, at Eweka Internet Services, the quality of our network is the highest priority. Unlike others in the market, we manage our own trans-Atlantic backbone including fiber connections.

How is Usenet so fast?

High-speed Connections Dedicated Usenet servers offer extremely fast connections. To maximize the speed, you newsreader (client program) is allowed to have multiple connections with the server at the same time. Typically, you can have up to 20 connections.

What is the best Usenet newsreader for Eweka?

Newslazer Newsreader Client. The Newslazer Newsreader is high quality USENET newsreader supporting both Windows and MacOSX and best of all included for free for all Eweka customers no matter what plan they choose. Newslazer Newsreader allows you to search and filter USENET messages and import NZB files.

What is Eweka free trial?

Eweka provides access to the highest quality newsgroups with all plans. You can connect to over 109,000 discussion groups from any of its newsgroup servers. All Eweka plans, including their free trial, will give you secured Usenet access with free 256-bit SSL encrypted connections.

How do I log in to newslazer using Eweka?

Enter your Eweka Username and Password. These can be found at the top of this page, under Log In Credentials. 1. Open NewsLazer. 2. Click the Search the Usenet keyword box located at the top right of the newreader. Type your search and press the Enter key. 3. You can also click the Search the Usenet keyword box located within the page.

How does Eweka work in the Netherlands?

Unlike US-based Usenet services, Eweka offers 2 types of plans. First, they offer a pre-paid plan, which is a popular payment model in The Netherlands. This means that you purchase days of access for your account in advance. After you run out of days or are about to run out of days, you just top off your account to keep your Usenet access active.