Is Blink the worst fandom?

Are BLINKs the worst Kpop fandom? No, but they seem hard to come by these days. Although BLINKs can be obnoxious about BLACKPINK like the rest of us are with our favorite groups, at least they’re respectful of everyone else and their preferences.

Why doesn’t BTS address how toxic their fandom has become?

Because they don’t have to. Other groups don’t address how toxic their fandom’s are, why are you only addressing BTS. Also, those of us who are true fans don’t put up with it. We as a fandom, have things in place to make sure that those so called fans don’t paint a bad image for the boys.

Are BLINKs more toxic than army?

Neither of them are toxic. “Toxicity” is exclusive of a person, not a fandom. Being an ARMY or a BLINK does not makes you toxic, you could be a priest and still be the most toxic person on Earth.

Which fandom is more toxic blink or once?

Blinks are the most toxic and the scariest fandom , just the ones that are immature I’m not gonna get upset at the ones who are calm and nice.

Why is blink so toxic?

The main reason is most likely that there are many more new and immature blinks. Recently, I have seen that blinks have moved up the scale of most toxic fandom and might replace armys. It is all unfortunate as, immature fans make a bad reputation for the fandom which in turn, causes people to not like your group.

Do blinks and armys get along?

Blink and Armys have a feud, the immature ones at the most. Blinks and Armys actually have a good reputation and joke around about being a married couple.

What is the most toxic music fandom?

BTS’s fandom Army is super toxic. They have many super nice people but because so many of them are Koreaboos, they can get really mean and obsessive.

Which band has the most toxic fans?

Justin Timberlake, who has experienced plenty of hate from critics and the public in recent years, had the highest toxic comment rate of any pop artist. Among rockers, heavyweights such as U2, Billy Joel, Elton John, and The Rolling Stones occupied the top spots.