Is Argentina allies with Iran?

Present-day relations In 2018, Argentina and Iran celebrated 80 years of diplomatic relations. In July 2018, Argentina designated Iranian-backed Hezbollah a terrorist organization and ordered the freezing of the group’s assets in the country.

Is Argentina an ally of China?

Foreign relations between the Argentine Republic and People’s Republic of China has existed for decades. Both countries established diplomatic relations in 1945 as the Republic of China and again on March 19, 1972, with the PRC. Both nations are members of the G20 and the United Nations.

What foreign relations does Argentina have?

Argentina is a member of regional organisations, including the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) and the Organisation of American States (OAS). Argentina participates alongside Australia in the Forum for East Asia-Latin America Cooperation (FEALAC) and is an observer of the Pacific Alliance.

What does China export to Argentina?

China-Argentina In 2019, China exported $8.47B to Argentina. The main products that China exported to Argentina are Broadcasting Equipment ($490M), Telephones ($406M), and Computers ($298M).

Are Brazil and Argentina allies?

The Argentina–Brazil relationship is both close and historical, and encompasses the economy, trade, culture, education, and tourism. From war and rivalry to friendship and alliance, this complex relationship has spanned more than two centuries.

What does China trade with Argentina?

During 2019, China had a large net trade with Argentina in the exports of Machines ($4.23B), Chemical Products ($1.4B), and Textiles ($489M). During 2019, Argentina had a large net trade with China in the exports of Vegetable Products ($3.09B), Animal Products ($2.74B), and Animal and Vegetable Bi-Products ($283M).

What is the relationship like between Argentina and Iran?

For most of the period since the terrorist bombings that Argentina experienced in the 1990s, trade relations with Iran remained low. Commercial activity never ceased entirely, however, and by 2008 bilateral trade had soared to $1.2 billion, dramatically overshadowing the previous years’ $30 million. [9]

Does Argentina support Iran’s nuclear program?

Argentina has stated that it supports every country’s right to peaceful nuclear technology, as long as it complies with IAEA requirements. Despite Argentina’s current objections to Iran’s nuclear program, in the 1980s and 1990s the country supplied Iran with nuclear materials, disregarding Washington’s protestations.

What did Hashemi say about relations with Argentina?

According to Hashemi, “the Islamic Republic of Iran as a country with competent capabilities [and] is willing to raise the level of its exchanges with Argentina in industrial and technical arenas.” He also expressed interest in a further increase in economic cooperation between the two nations. [15]

Who is the Minister of Foreign Relations of Argentina?

Foreign relations of Argentina. At the political level, these matters are officially handled by the Ministry of Foreign Relations, also known as the Cancillería, which answers to the President. The Minister of Foreign Relations, since June 2016, is Chancellor (es: Canciller) Jorge Faurie.