Now it is time for students who want to gain experience and choose some money during the summer break between a summer internship and a summer job. If you are lucky enough to have both offers, what do you choose? Every student has their own answer, but regardless of your major or year of school, the advantages and disadvantages of each option and weigh everything before the final decision should be made. We reveal the three questions that can guide you in the process of making the decision:


  1. Do you need to make money? Either whole or summer job in part-time will help you to earn money for college education. However, salaries vary as well as the working conditions, depending on where you work and the employer. If talk about internships, some of them are paid, many are not. Although the internship is paid, does not make for the way up in which the work will be. However, the work can be harder to find.
  1. Do you need a college credit? Despite the fact that the internships are usually not paid, some trainees are compensated with college credit for their free time. Learn in your school if you earn this summer’s academic credit for an internship. If you can earn credit by doing an internship college credit, it will be the best choice. On the other hand, if you get credit from your college in your area, it would be the ideal option!
  1. What skills do you want to earn? Sometimes a stage as a diluted version of a real job is made out, with the only tasks making copies and making coffee for supervisors. It is not always true. In fact, one can get the experience is an extension. However, paid work can offer more work experience in an internship. Often, it depends on your specialization and now you will employ.

We hope that this summer you will get the desired position and collect the desired experience. Do not forget that we exist to make life easier for students!