Tourism is becoming increasingly vital as a source of revenue to various nations, but it has some demerits attached to it. Tourism includes traveling and holidaying, which significantly increase social aspect of the world. Tourism creates leisure for visiting various places such as physical feature and the nice places charming and historical to admire. Tourists move from one location to another to break the indoor boredom by reaching many destinations to relax view and feel a sort of change from the ordinary life. The tourist destinations gather profits in revenue by tourists and become very busy business areas leading to the formation of many disadvantages to the tourists.educations-study-guides-tourism-seaside

Tourism enables various countries to display their respective tourist attraction destinations to pull many visitors because more visitors mean more money for the nation. Tourism industries specifically generate more income for the country and have economic importance for everyone including the locals in a particular area (Schettini, 2016)). Most governments earn money from revenues gathered from the business investments created because of the high demand for services taking advantage of the influx of tourists. Tourism enhances the creation of jobs increasing the need for workforce required to cater for the increasing number of visitor in the country.

There are also various disadvantages of tourism, which should be in consideration. There is the growth of population and pollution of various tourist destinations threatening the health and the security of people because of increasing number of people. The sanitation of various tourism destinations becomes a significant problem since the garbage disposal is hectic because of increasing amount of waste in the environment.

The natural beauty of the tourist spots is at stake because of continuous rejuvenation of the spots depriving them of their natural beauty appealing to the visitors. The renovations of the tourist destinations by the government destroy the natural beauty of the visitation places reducing the flow of visitors within the country (Filimonau, 2016). The increasing tourism has economic advantages for the country and its citizens while its destruction may lead to the destruction of the environment.