How to get up Uetliberg?

The top of Üetliberg mountain can be reached by train or hiking only. Trains run regularly from Zurich HB (main station) and take about 30 minutes. At Felsenegg you can take a gondola down to Adliswil. Then walk down the hill along a residential street to reach the train station in about 5 minutes.

How to go from Zurich to Uetliberg?

From Zurich main station, take the Sihltal Zurich Uetliberg Bahn SZU (S10) the underground station on track 21/22. The SZU runs weekdays every half-hour and takes just 20 minutes to get to the Uetliberg. On weekends it runs every 20 minutes.

How high is uetliberg?


Can you go to uetliberg by car?

If you are coming by car outside the city, please note that you cannot drive all the way up to Uetliberg. You can park near one of the S10 train stops, like Uitikon Waldegg or Ringlikon, and take the train from there (or walk up).

How much is a Zurich card?


Validity Adult Child (6–15.99 years)
24 hours 27.00 19.00
72 hours 53.00 37.00

Which mountains can you see from Zurich?

Be it Central Switzerland’s famous mountains like rugged Mount Pilatus, the more gentle and majestic Mount Rigi or Mount Titlis with its glacier, Eastern Switzerlands highlights Chäserrugg, Flumserberg or Flims/Laax in the Grison alps, or even the Bernese Alps with the renown peaks Schilthorn and Jungfraujoch, they are …

Where can I hike up uetliberg?

The main options to hike up the Uetliberg are: 1) take Denzlerweg from the end of Tram 13 in Albisguetli. Or 2) you can hike up from the end of Tram 14 in Triemli on the Hohensteinweg. Alternatively, 3), the route with the least incline is from the car park at Uitikon-Waldegg through the forest.

What does the Zurich card cover?

For 24 or 72 hours, the Zürich Card offers: Unlimited 2nd class travel by tram, bus, train, boat and cable car throughout the city of Zurich and its surrounding region (zones 110, 111, 121, 140, 150, 154 and 155). Free or reduced admission to the majority of Zurich’s museums. 10 to 20% discount in various local stores.

What can you do in Zurich for free?

Free things to do in Zurich

  • 1- Roam Zurich’s Old Town. Zurich’s Old Town is extremely picturesque.
  • 2- Visit a Church.
  • 3- Cruise Lake Zurich.
  • 4- Climb Uetliberg mountain.
  • 5- Visit Kunsthaus Zurich.
  • 6- Visit the Swiss National Museum.
  • 8- Hangout with hipsters in Zurich West.
  • 10- Explore Zurich on a free bicycle.

How far is Zurich from the mountains?

The distance between Zürich and Swiss Alps is 90 km. The road distance is 121.8 km. How do I travel from Zürich to Swiss Alps without a car? The best way to get from Zürich to Swiss Alps without a car is to train which takes 3h 16m and costs .

How much does Zurich card cost?

What’s cheap in Zurich?

10 Cheap Things You Can Do in Zurich

  • See Panoramic Views from atop Grossmunster Church.
  • Tour Zurich on Boat, Tram or Train.
  • Join a Free Walking Tour.
  • Explore Zurich on Bike for Free.
  • See Zurich from the top of Üetliberg Mountain.
  • Go (window) shopping!
  • Swim in the Lake during Summer for Free.
  • Visit the Zurich Zoo.