How to compare two files in UNIX shell script?

How to Compare Two Files in Unix: File Comparison Commands

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  2. #1) cmp: This command is used to compare two files character by character.
  3. #2) comm: This command is used to compare two sorted files.
  4. #3) diff: This command is used to compare two files line by line.

How to compare the content of 2 files in linux?

Comparing files (diff command)

  1. To compare two files, type the following: diff chap1.bak chap1. This displays the differences between the chap1.
  2. To compare two files while ignoring differences in the amount of white space, type the following: diff -w prog.c.bak prog.c.

Which UNIX command compares two files line by line?

diff stands for difference. This command is used to display the differences in the files by comparing the files line by line.

How do you show file names in UNIX?

ls – displays file names. ls –l – displays file names with permissions, site, owner, etc. man commandname – on-line help for the command specified (Use for complete description). whatis command – displays one line description of what the command does.

How do you display file names in Linux?

Listing files by name The easiest way to list files by name is simply to list them using the ls command. Listing files by name (alphanumeric order) is, after all, the default. You can choose the ls (no details) or ls -l (lots of details) to determine your view.

How do I list only file names in Linux?

How to make ls display only filenames and file sizes in output. If you want the ls command output to only contain file/directory names and their respective sizes, then you can do that using the -h option in combination with -l/-s command line option.

What are the different file names available in shell scripting?

Shell Programming and Scripting Data files coming in different names in a file name called process.txt. 1. shipments_yyyymmdd.gz 2 Order_yyyymmdd.gz 3. Invoice_yyyymmdd.gz 4. globalorder_yyyymmdd.gz The process needs to discard all the below files and only process two of the 4 file names available

How do I compare two files with the same checksum?

If both files return same checksum, then they are identical. comm is a useful tool for comparing files. The comm utility will read file1 and file2, which should be ordered in the current collating sequence, and produce three text columns as output: lines only in file1; lines only in file2; and lines in both files.

How to compare two strings in Bash?

The thing about comparing string in bash is that you should put quot around it unless you are so sure that it will never have space in it. Because Bash will substitute the value of that variable in as parameter for “if” and parameters are separated by space (therefore if the value contain space, you get multiple variable).

How does diff -QD determine if two files are equal?

The files that occur in both directories, are sorted again in two arrays, depending on if diff -qdetermines if they differ or not for those files that diffclaims are equal, show and compare timestamps