How tall is a female giraffe?

14 feet
(272 kilograms). The animal’s legs are also 6 feet long. Females grow up to 14 feet (4.3 m) tall and weigh up to 1,500 lbs. (680 kg), while males grow up to 18 feet (5.5 m) tall and weigh up to 3,000 lbs.

What’s the average height of a giraffe?

16 – 19 ft.Adult
14 – 17 ft.Adult

How tall is a 12 year old giraffe?

A 12-year-old giraffe called Forest – a resident of Australia Zoo in Queensland – has been confirmed as the world’s tallest giraffe, standing at 5.7 m (18 ft 8 in).

Are giraffes 6 feet tall?

The giraffe is the tallest animal on Earth. Formally known as Giraffa camelopardalis, the average giraffe stands 14 to 19 feet (4.3 to 5.8 meters) tall, according to National Geographic. Most of a giraffe’s height comes from its famously long neck, which can extend almost 7 feet.

What is the average height of a baby giraffe?

A Big Baby Compared to any other animal, a baby giraffe is a giant, weighing 150 pounds and standing six feet tall when it drops out of its mother’s womb. When it’s born, a baby giraffe really does drop — almost five feet to the ground.

How tall is a 2 year old giraffe?

#2: Giraffes Double Their Height in The First Year For giraffe calves, this is a reality. They are born at about six feet tall and over the course of their first year of life, grow to be around 12 feet tall. Most of this height is in their neck.

What is a female giraffe called?

Giraffes are the world’s tallest land mammal. Males (called bulls) grow up to 5,3 m and weight 1.200 kg on average. Females (called cows) are smaller, they grow up to 4,3 m and weight 830 kg on average.

How tall is a 1 year old giraffe?

Within the first year of a young giraffe’s life, you can expect the not-so-little one to grow almost another full 6 feet or so.

How do you call a baby giraffe?

A baby giraffe is called a calf.

How tall is a teenage giraffe?

Adult males stand 15 – 19 feet (4.6 – 6.0 metres) tall, whereas females are shorter at 13 – 16 feet (4 – 4.8 metres) tall. Adult males weigh between 1,764 – 4,255 pounds (800 – 930 kilograms), while females weigh only 1,213 – 2,601 pounds (550 – 1,180 kilograms). The giraffe has the longest tail of any land mammal.

How much do giraffes weigh kg?

Giraffes grow to nearly their full height by four years of age but gain weight until they are seven or eight. Males weigh up to 1,930 kg (4,250 pounds), females up to 1,180 kg (2,600 pounds). The tail may be a metre in length and has a long black tuft on the end; there is also a short black mane.

What is the height of an adult male giraffe?

Fully grown giraffes stand 4.3-5.7 m (14.1-18.7 ft) tall, with males taller than females. The tallest recorded male was 5.88 m (19.3 ft) and the tallest recorded female was 5.17 m (17.0 ft) tall.

How tall are adult giraffes?

The basic height range for a fully grown adult giraffe is anywhere between 15 and 19 feet. In general, male giraffes are slightly taller than their female counterparts.

What is the maximum height a giraffe can grow?

Calves are 6 feet tall when they are born.

  • Male giraffes,such as April’s partner,Oliver,may grow up to 18 feet tall.
  • Female giraffes such as mother April,reach up to 14 feet in height.
  • Giraffes only eat plants and use their long tongues to get leaves from trees.
  • Their tongues are 21 inches long.
  • A favorite food of giraffes come from the acacia tree.
  • What is an average height and weight of the giraffe?

    Giraffes are the tallest land animals in the world by far. Standing at heights of 18 feet on average, they are also very heavy animals. Male giraffes will generally weigh 2,600-3,000 pounds (1,179-1,360 kg). Their large necks make up about 600 pounds (272 kg) of that weight!